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Forex: Exiting Positions at a Right Time

This article will cover one of the most important topics (in my view) in trading with The Infinity APP Review in general and Forex in particular – control of trading positions and orders. This involves choosing points of entry and making decisions on exit points, stop loss limits and profit taking as well. I hope that this article will help new traders, who have just started Forex, also experienced traders who regularly trade and earn money in this market.

When I started Forex trading and achieved my first profit and my big losses I started to notice something important about the whole trade process. While the right time to open a trading center was one of the issues that rarely caused my problem (nearly 80% of my compatriots ended up in the “green zone” or profit zone), the real problem was to determine the right exit point for this center. It was not only about the importance of reducing the risk of potential loss using stop loss orders but also of reducing the risk by setting the level of profit taking at the highest point to be reached. There are a number of well-known guidelines and ways to identify the correct entry point and time – such as the release of important economic data, major global events, the blending of technical indicators, etc. But while entering a trading center is optional and traders can decide how they want good and bad entry points, it would be unrealistic if we did not talk about getting out of the trading center. Margin trading makes it impossible to wait long with an open trading center. Moreover, each trading center is open in a way that limits the trader’s ability to trade.

Choosing good exit points from trading positions may be an easy task if the forex market is not so chaotic and volatile. According to your opinion (depending on my trading experience), the exit orders for each trading center should be continuously confirmed as shown by the market data (technical and fundamental).

Let’s assume for example that you took a position on the EURUSD at 1.2563, and at this time we are talking, the support and resistance levels were set at 1.2500 – 1.2620 to say that you placed a stop loss at 1.2625 and take a profit at 1.2505. Thus, this center can be considered as a trading center that takes between two to five days.

This means that you have to close the trading position before the end of the trading session, or it will become difficult to predict (because the market is significantly different from the situation it was when you opened a trading center). After you have taken the trading position and the initial stop-loss limits you have identified, you should later follow the market events along with the technical indicators to adjust the exit orders.

The most important rule is to narrow the limits of loss and profit over time. Usually, if you open a medium term trading center (2 to 4 days), I try to reduce profit and loss orders between 10 and 25 pips a day. Also, I am following the global events and trying to reduce the stop loss limits when I think the next important data could harm the trading position. If the profits are already high, I am trying to move the stop loss level to the entry point to make sure that the trading order will definitely end a profit. The basic idea here is to find a balance between greed and care. However, with the aging of the trading center, both profit and loss objectives must be reduced. Also, the trader should always remember that if the market starts to move in a way that is difficult to predict, it needs to be more cautious with the exit orders even if the trading center shows a profit.

Each trader has their own trade strategy and habits. I hope that The Infinity APP Review will help draw readers’ attention to the importance of exit orders as one of the key trading destinations, which will certainly improve the results of the trade.

The Infinity APP
The Infinity APP

Forex — Dealing with Your Losses

One of the most important rules in currency trading is to try to reduce your losses as much as possible. When your losses are small, you can stay in the market for as long as possible, even when you are moving against you, so that you can benefit from market conditions when you start moving in the direction you want. One of the best ways to keep your losses at a minimum is to determine the maximum loss you can afford even before you open the trading center.

The maximum loss or loss is the maximum amount of capital you can stay comfortable even if you lose it during trading. Keeping your maximum losses at a certain percentage of your account balance will not stop you from trading at any time. Unlike 95% of forex traders who lose their money just because they have not followed prudent rules to manage their capital within their trading system, you will remain in good shape using this golden rule of capital management.

Let’s use an example. If you have a $ 1000 trading account and start trading at $ 100, you may be losing three consecutive times. This will reduce your trading capital to $ 400. Then you may decide to trade at $ 200 in the next trading center because you think you have a greater chance of making profit after losing three consecutive times.

If the trader decides to trade at $ 100 at The Infinity APP Review Trade because he believes he is able to make a profit, his capital will decrease in case of loss to $ 250. In that case, the chances of making money are almost non-existent because he will have to win about 150% of his capital until he reaches the point of parity. If the maximum loss has been determined and committed, the trader may not find himself in this position.

In this case, the reason for the failure was the trader’s risk of a large amount of money and the failure to apply good rules of capital management.

Keep in mind that the main objective is to keep the losses to a minimum. Also make sure that you open a large and sufficient number of trading positions so that we can maximize profits and reduce losses. With the introduction of the capital management rules within the Forex Trading system, you will always be able to do so.

Fundamental Analysis: Study Economics, Trade the Markets

Let us begin our brief study of fundamental analysis by remarking that a century ago there was only one school of analysis at the time when there were also a large number of self-employed millionaires. The only school in the analysis was, of course, the basic analysis. Technical analysis did not exist among us as a disciplined system before the end of the nineteenth century, but fundamental analysis has existed since the beginning of economics at the time of the Persians and Greeks, at the very least. ProfitBall APP new Forex traders on the Internet can take advantage of this small detail while making their decisions about the advantages of both schools in the analysis.

Basic analysis aims to predict future market movements based on economic data and news. While technical analysis mainly focuses on price, the fundamental analysis is concerned with studying the economic, political and social dynamics of an economy in order to draw conclusions about an asset, which of course is a currency pair when we talk about Forex. As primary analysts we aim mainly at identifying the most influential forces on the price movement followed by the formulation of our strategies on this basis. Time changes differ in the factors that have the most powerful influence in the fundamental analysis. For example, in the first half of 2008 it was expected that the Russian ruble, according to the fundamental analysis, would increase its value with the rise in oil prices and therefore the price of this commodity was the most important factor in the prediction of the ruble price. But in August 2008, after the war between Georgia and Russia, traders ignored these economic factors and intensified their sale to the Russian ruble because the political factors (that is, the war in this case) became the dominant driver of the currency.

It is important to distinguish between economic news trade and fundamental analysis. The immediate reaction of the market to news events is often difficult to predict, as there is no time to evaluate and formulate an appropriate strategy immediately after the news. Profit Ball Trading news is closer to technical models than basic analysis. The basic analysis includes refinement of the news data, isolating the important parts from those that are irrelevant and then creating the larger images that can be used as a long-term roadmap for trade. Economic news affects each other and isolated individual parts do not mean much to Forex strategies.

Basic analysis may be known as a difficult field but there is no evidence of the validity of this assumption. It does require a lot of thought from the trader, but given the lucrative and satisfactory results, this is just a small price to pay if you choose to apply this method to your business. Surely the returns will be more than satisfactory compared to even the best expectations.


Currency Wars Explained

The concept of currency wars may seem somewhat strange to the public and even to some forex traders, but many countries in fact deliberately reduce their currencies by intervening in markets in a way that devalues ​​their currency. Currency devaluation often becomes a tool to provide an advantage Competitive country – and help stimulate economic growth in particular. During periods of economic recession. However, when a country begins to devalue its currency, some other countries may try to jump and quickly cancel that advantage. When that happens, it is said that there is a war of action, as countries strive to keep the value of their own currencies low compared to those of other countries

What is the secret behind the desire for a weak currency?

. In fact, many countries prefer strong currencies during periods of economic expansion, where strong currencies allow increased purchasing power of citizens. A strong currency can lead to a higher quality of life. It also helps to control economic inflation

Although the currency is weak but has its own benefits – at least from the point of view of countries that favor that theory. When a country’s currency is weaker than its currency counterparts, its exports are cheaper and more attractive. Perhaps Japan is one of the countries that are known for its desire to keep its currency relatively weak. For its desire to keep the price of its exports lower and then accept people in other countries to buy their products. The same example applies to China, a country that favors a weak value for the yuan relative to the US dollar, which simply means more Americans want to buy cheap Chinese products.

With lower export prices, a country can sell more goods to other countries. This, in turn, can promote and create jobs where weak-currency countries are forced to produce more goods to meet the growing demand for their cheap products. This situation can also promote economic growth. The devaluation of the currency could push economic growth forward and that is why many countries are concerned about the weaker currency during periods of economic recession

How can a country weaken its currency?

. The currency-linking strategy is one of the strategies most recently used by countries to keep their currencies weak. Recently, the Swiss bank set the ceiling for the euro, which closely resembles the idea of ​​linkage. Concerned by the rapid appreciation of the franc for the euro, the Swiss bank decided to stabilize the franc and the euro, to ensure that the franc gains a lot against the euro.

: There are other methods used by the state to weaken its currency

• Low interest rates One of the desirable ways among central banks as an option to weaken currencies is to cut interest rates. When a country has a low interest rate, its currency is less attractive. Savings in the economy are also less attractive, with yields very low. As a result, investors are looking for higher-yielding assets and the currency could lose value for other currencies.
•: Money supply increase In some cases, a country may create money from nothing. Increased money supply means that there is a lot of currency and therefore devalues ​​their value. This means that the supply exceeds the demand, meaning that the value of the currency has no place to have only a downside. The increase in money supply can find an outlet through the purchase of state assets. In the United States, the Federal Reserve can increase money supply by buying US Treasuries or even buying bonds. The Federal Reserve is creating new funds for this purpose, increasing the amount of money supply. This is called the quantitative easing tactic, while the one-time effort is called to increase the money supply by intervening in the currency
• Buying assets from other countries. A country may buy the assets of another country. This is one of the ways China has been able to encourage devaluation of its currency against the US dollar by purchasing US assets. This means that there is an increase in the demand for the dollar, and therefore the value of the dollar moves upward, helping the yuan to maintain its weak value – as planned by the Chinese government
Of course, these tactics can help cut one currency, but other countries soon join in trying to devalue their own currencies so they can get benefits from exports at competitive prices and economic growth.

In some cases, countries that are trying to devalue their currencies by other countries are punished by increasing taxes and trade restrictions that make it difficult to buy cheap goods in large quantities

Problems caused by currency wars

While some believe that currency weakness can be useful in times of economic recession, others suggest that problems with currency wars can in turn lead to more problems.

Many countries may resort to devaluation at the same time, and this is one of the biggest issues that can actually lead to some kind of instability. When everyone tries to get the upper hand through currency manipulation, this will make the global market economy increasingly unstable. In the end, it can discourage investment and commercial reality, which actually limits growth rather than encouraging it

Many people saw that the biggest threat posed by currency wars was the large scale of economic inflation on a large scale. When money supply increases, when currencies are devalued, prices rise. The purchasing power of the currency is reduced and what you can buy in one unit of currency is much less than it was. The purchasing power of the citizen is lower. Inflation is desirable, to some extent, by the secondary product of economic growth. But big inflation would stifle economic growth and wipe out middle-class savings. When this happens, it makes the entire system unstable, and can lead to economic collapse. Some fear that currency war, especially in the global economy, which has become a very integrated system, can lead to widespread inflation and thus a serious problem for the entire system. A comprehensive currency war could lead to a number of problems related to the global economy and lead to insufficient economic stimulus for any country

Allegations of currency tampering

. Of course, there are always allegations of tampering and coin manipulation. For years, the United States has accused the Chinese government of artificially cutting its currency. As a result, the United States threatens to raise tariffs on Chinese imports to America and is trying to pressure China to allow ProfitBall APP currency to rise (and the US is about to devalue its currency against the Chinese yuan).

. Recently, although Japan was one of the most obvious countries to devalue its currency. Japanese officials have intervened several times in 2011 to maintain the devaluation of the yen, in order to maintain the value of exports and fear of becoming too expensive. In fact, there is some talk that Japan could employ some measures to maintain more currency cuts just as it does now in reconstructing areas devastated by the tsunami last March

. In spite of the US warning fingers towards China and Japan, they also overlap in measures aimed at maintaining the devaluation of the dollar. However, US tactics are not as stark as those used by China or Japan. In fact, efforts to quantitative easing have been criticized at the end of 2010 by euro zone leaders, who were upset by the currency’s depreciation. While the ECB. With its loan facilities and the ability to engage in devaluation, it has so far used capacity rather than moderation. While the US and Japan continue to keep interest rates too low, the ECB raised interest rates in July 2011. With rumors once again about QE3 in the US, there is a chance that we can see a comprehensive currency war soon

what is happening now?

So far, although there have been some attempts to weaken the different currencies, but the comprehensive currency war has not yet erupted on a large scale. For the most part, they have been isolated attempts to devalue the currency to boost economic stimulus in different countries (and currency areas). However, these attempts were relatively small, and did not yield a significant degree of inflation – yet

Forex Traders Need to Know About Crossing Currency

Why crosses the road? No, this is not what Forex is meant to cross.

Cross currency in Forex is one of the most profitable ways to make money for many investors. Forex is different from any other type of market in the world. The exchange market is characterized by high liquidity, where the circulation of more than two trillion dollars a day. The three currencies most commonly used in the Forex market are the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen and the Euro. These currencies are traded in a way that exceeds the circulation of any other types of currencies.

With the currency exchange market so large, it is highly liquid. Cross currency in Forex allows a great deal of flexibility for the 1K Daily Profit trader and the investor. Forex gives the trader the opportunity to buy and sell currencies quickly as he is not trapped for any type of investment. While investors use online trading in the form of currency crosses, the trading platform can be prepared in advance according to the trader’s preferences. If trading trends do not move in the expected course, the trading platform can be set up to stop trade and then allow the trader to reduce losses during the Forex trade.

Learning to trade in the Forex market can also be profitable and exciting. In order to successfully trade in Forex it is necessary to understand how the market works and also the terms and trends associated with it. Brokers and financial institutions are usually the best way for traders to learn how to use Forex to make profits.

1K Daily Profit
1K Daily Profit

When an investor or any other individual wants to trade a particular currency against another, this is called currency swaps or currency crosses. Cross Currency is the main objective of forex trading. For example, if a company or investor has US dollars and wants to trade against the Japanese yen, the broker will allow them to do so in the Forex market. Many investors trade currencies in order to generate profits. When a particular type of currency is bought at a low exchange rate, the currency can be resold as soon as the price rises and profits are generated.

Learning to cross currencies in the Forex market may be a bit complicated. The main factor in Forex trading is that you have knowledge about how the market works. In addition, there are other advantages to trading using Forex. Cross-Currencies Give traders the leverage they need to make huge profits while minimizing the risk of capital loss. In ideal circumstances, an investor who deposits $ 500 in his accounts can earn more than $ 100,000. T

The currency segment also allows traders and investors to make a profit whether in the event of a market rally or fall. This is also one of the differences between the stock market and the exchange market. In the stock market, an investor can only make money when stock prices rise in the “bearish” market when stocks fall, investors can not make any profits. While with currencies in Forex, this is not true. This is one of the most attractive things to trade in the Forex market as investors can make huge profits by trading a currency pair either up or down. Intersection of currencies in the right direction always earns profits.

Another advantage of Forex trading or currency crosses is that it always stays open. When trading in the stock market, the possibility of trade remains limited at times when the market is open. This market has times to close during the week. This is not true in the Forex market, which remains open all the time and does not close at all, so traders benefit from the possibility of trading 24 hours a day via the Internet.

Learning Forex Trading may be easy when the 1K Daily Profit investor goes with an experienced broker or financial institution. Also, there are many ways to learn how to trade in Forex through free trial accounts available on the Internet. These sites offer valuable sources and free ways for the new investor to enable him to practice Forex. This is very important for those who want to identify the entrances and exits of the currency exchange before they start to open a real account. Mini Forex accounts are also a good way for a novice investor to let him trade Forex without risking the usual calculations. The Mini Account allows traders to use a small amount of money as their initial investment.

Trading Forex with Pivot Points

Forex trading is currently used by Forex traders as it is calculated based on the movements of the previous day and deals are entered when the price hits one of the support and resistance lines formed by the pivot points if it is in line with your index to determine oversold positions overbought. Contrary to what some might think, Forex trading through the points of reference may be the most popular way to trade in the financial markets today. Long before computers were hacked, this method was used by traders to identify hidden levels of support and trade.

The benchmarks are still used by both professional traders and technical analysts. The main advantage now is that we have computers that can calculate our points in advance. Many graphic packages can be calculated for you in any way. Thus enhancing the use of focal points.

There is much more to using the points of focus in the Forex market trade than we will mention in this article, because the goal is to basically give you the concept of Forex trading through the points of pepot.

Remember that the market can only go up or down or move sideways. It is like a rubber band that is extended, sooner or later will go to the point of equilibrium, which then makes the market in a state of equilibrium, and then spread in the opposite direction only to recover and reach another point of equilibrium, then come events or data to move the market in a new direction and so on Day after day. The benchmarks can help us determine how resilient the market will be before it recovers.

While there are many time frames that can be used to calculate pivot points, but for the purpose of exercise let’s focus on the daily framework (ie, 24 hours). Points are calculated using the opening, closing, closing and closing numbers of the previous day. There are a lot of Pivot Points available on the Internet so you do not need to waste your time manually. Also keep in mind that the more time frame you use, the more time you have to stay in the market or wait until you reach the next entry point.

Pivot points other than other indicators are objective. This is because they are math calculated, so there will be only one answer for each time period.

Many personal indicators, such as the Fibo Nachi correction levels (and I am a fan of Vipo), Elliot waves, etc. can bring together different people who trade in different directions at the same time due to individual interpretations.

Pivot Points can help predict the next day’s peaks and lows in advance. Pivot points can give you between 4 to 8 levels of support and resistance. However, you still need to set the direction yourself to become a successful trader using pipot points. The focus points also work best when the market is in a clear direction.

Entry and exit points

Pivot Points can give you specific entry and exit points, rather than entering the market in the middle of a move or about to change direction. Here we’ll explain how to use other indicators to help us get in and out. If the market slows down at a certain point and you have a handle to determine the peak of the buy or sell, this will help determine the best time to enter or exit. If a Fibonacci level coincides with the pivot level, this will create a strong entry / exit situation. If the market is bullish and your preferred index is not near the peak, when it touches the first resistance level, you may be in a good position to stay in the market by placing your profit target at the next pivot point resistance line. A break above the resistance level can then make it your new stop or stop.

Clearly, the opposite will be true in the case of support lines as well. By merging your pivot points with your favorite indicator you can develop your own trading system that no one else uses.

Today’s trading is likely to remain between the first support levels (S1) and the resistance (R1) as traders paint a picture of their markets. Once one of these levels is breached, other traders will begin to enter the market, and when the second level breaks, long term traders are likely to begin to attract to the market.

Find out where traders expect support and resistance points can be a great advantage especially when there is no external influence on the market. If there is no significant market news between yesterday’s close and the opening today, local traders and market makers tend to move the market between the P (P), the first support (S1) and the resistance (R1). If you break one of these levels, we can expect that the market is heading to test the following levels ((R2) and (R3)

While there are many other aspects related to the trade focal point, but why he is not trying to experience this simple way first and see whether they will develop own your strategy through the use of existing trade techniques in parallel with the focal points.

Binary Options vs Forex Trade – Facts You Ought to Know to Earn Money

When trading Forex, one usually looks to find simpler, faster and safer ways to make money. There are huge possibilities for huge profits, but a careful understanding of risks, returns, price fluctuations and accurate expectations are some of the key things to be aware of. Many people want to know more about the comparison of binary options versus forex, and whether Hydra APP Scam binary options are a good alternative to the usual Forex trade; what are their differences, the risks associated with them, etc. First of all, the binary options trade is different from the usual Forex trade in terms of rates of return, fees and risk. It is also worth noting here that it has a completely different structure for liquidity and the investment process. Binary options are a great alternative as long as the trader is able to carry out hedging and forecasting appropriately, as well as the need for the trader to know the comprehensive about the possible consequences of this type of trade, which does not exceed two.

Hydra APP Review
Hydra APP Review

Binary Options vs. Forex – Basics

Binary options are often classified as “anomalies” and are relatively simpler to understand and practice than traditional options. Unlike foreign exchange trading, binary options can be exercised in stock and commodity markets and indices. They are often referred to as fixed yield options because they involve a fixed expiration time and a fixed exercise price. If the trader is able to predict the direction in which the market will move correctly within the specified period of time, and close the price of the asset by the expiry time on the right side of the exercise price, the trader gets a fixed amount no matter how long the asset moves. On the other hand, if the trader’s expectations about the direction of the market are wrong by the time of expiration, he loses some or all of his investments.

How to win a deal for binary options

The most important thing you need to know when comparing binary and forex trading is that in the case of regular trades, the amount of profit or loss remains unknown in advance, unlike the binary options where the expiration time, the exercise price and the risk involved in the transaction are all predefined and clear Since the beginning of the transaction. The trader who expects the market to end the highest practice price is exercising the so-called “callback” option, on the other hand if the trader expects the market to end below the practice price by the expiry time, he is exercising the “position” option.

A trader makes a profit using the call option if the price of the asset ends by the expiry time of the highest exercise price. While the trader makes a profit in the case of a position option if the price of the asset ends by the expiry time below the exercise price. Regardless of the amount of money invested, the trader gets a fixed rate of return to be determined at the beginning of the transaction.

Binary options vs. Forex, another difference

Since all factors are predetermined in binary options trading, the investor does not need to spend all his time monitoring market volatility as long as he opens the deal. Once the transaction is completed, the trader is not allowed to liquefy or exit the transaction before the expiry time is reached.

Example of a binary options deal

If the trader predicts that he will end the highest practice price, he is not sure about the amount of the move. For example, if the trader is watching the S & P 500 which is currently trading at 1150 and find one broker that provides the same exercise price by the end of the day. In this case, the trader may decide to buy a call option that provides an 80% return if the option ends above the 1150 level and loses 85% of its investment if the option ends below 1150.

As binary options have multiple expiration times ranging from several minutes to months and can be purchased at all types of practice prices, the Hydra APP Trader has no difficulty finding the right binary option for his or her potential. The amount of investment and general terms and conditions may vary from broker to broker; therefore, the smart investor must carefully look at all the details before starting to trade binary options.

Reality of Online Forex Trading

The foreign exchange market is essentially a currency trade. Most currencies can be traded. Large volumes of these currencies are exchanged 24 hours a day and five days a week. On average, $ 1.9 trillion is traded daily. The most currencies in terms of volumes are the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen, the Euro, the Canadian Dollar, the Pound Sterling, the Australian Dollar and the Swiss Franc.

You will find many brokers who will be able to open a trading account with a minimum deposit of $ 250. Although this may seem a small amount, remember that you will use margin in your trade. So your $ 250 investment will allow you to control $ 25,000. Since all types of investments are not risk averse, make sure you take the time to study the markets before you start your forex deals. Personally I recommend Hydra System that you do some paperwork first until you are sure of your ability to understand the mechanics of the market. Training is risk-free. All you have to do is write the deals you would like to do on real prices. Buy and sell to see in the end if you have reached the right strategy before you begin to do real trades.

You will need a high-speed Internet connection so you can work in the Forex market. The broker you will deal with will provide you with many tools on the Internet that will allow you to study the market: Instant quotes and news feeds:

You can visit different Forex broker sites and then compare the services they offer. Some brokers may give you the ability to open demo accounts. It is recommended that you do this to test the trading programs they offer and therefore choose the best among them.

Before you start trading the market you must make sure that you fully understand the terms related to the world of commerce such as the order of the market, order limit, stop order. You can find definitions for these terms and more other information by visiting Calculating Forex Profits and Losses.

Each currency has a standard standard used throughout the world, for example: EUR EUR GBP UK GBP AUD. Of course you do not have to be aware of all these currencies but it will be important that you have the ability to recognize the major currencies to help you make quick trading decisions.

To make good assessments you will need information. Monitor the events in the world carefully, including economic and political news. You will be surprised to see that some events that may seem insignificant cause sharp fluctuations in the currency market.

The Infinity Code Top 10 websites to buy online

The Infinity Code Top 10 websites to buy online Do you want to have the latest models and fashion trends, but do not have enough time to shop? You may be busy studying or working, or you have difficulty taking your children to the market. The password to solve that dilemma is “e-shopping”.

The Internet has left you no room to neglect anything. You can achieve everything you want in your home. Online shopping is fast and very convenient. You can also get amazing offers that you will never expect to receive, even the clothes you are tired of searching for. In stores you will find them on those sites easily and without fatigue.

You only need time to move between online shopping sites to choose the right item, along with a credit card or bank account to pay for, so some sites offer a pay-on-delivery service, and your clothes bring you to your home, so you have no argument!

The Infinity Code
The Infinity Code

Here are some of the international websites that offer shopping opportunities:

Amazon is the world’s most popular shopping site, where you can buy all your brands and brands, not just clothing, accessories and cosmetics. The site also gives you guarantees to secure the right of the buyer in the event of a fake product or not. You can recover your money in full.


Modanisa has a website and has an application that can be downloaded on the phone easily. This site features clothes at different prices and many international and Turkish brands. When you download the application on the phone, you can easily change the language. It has many languages, including Arabic. Available in different languages.

You can buy dresses, gowns, shoes, coats, and various types of hijab, as well as sections for buying sportswear and swimwear. Even evening dresses and parties can be purchased through it.

The site is characterized by large discounts every period because it displays a variety of brands – and has a special section of the site – You can also choose the classification of the presentation by price or measurement, color and style, and the full details are available for each size, the length of the size and weight, size, chest and waist to be exact size And convenient, as well as express delivery service.


The site has a variety of veiled costumes and dresses for different occasions. It also has a great selection of pregnant and swimwear. The site can be converted into 3 languages ​​including English, while you have the option to pay in Euro, US Dollar or Turkish Lira.

The site displays the design in the available colors and sizes available, and can verify the accuracy of the measurement with the detailed information that is included around it and multiple images.

There are several sites for Turkish brands that also have the same advantages, including Alvina and Nurtuba, and you like designs of sites such as The Infinity Code but you will probably need to use a Turkish translation site in some details of the purchase.


This site also contains a distinctive variety of clothes and dresses, as well as different types of veils in different colors, and a variety of accessories, and the site design one of several images of all directions to ensure the suitability to your taste, in addition to the ease of use by changing the language into Arabic.

5. Vogacloset

Is a very popular British shopping site with a wide range of women’s clothing, men’s and men’s clothing sections, and a variety of world-famous brands.

The site has a navigation feature in Arabic. It also ships to a large number of Arab countries via Aramex at a fixed shipping cost. Payment can be made by credit card or bank. There is a payment option upon receipt available to the GCC countries.

The order can be replaced free of charge within 5 days of arrival, in addition to easy payment in local currency, where the price is available in currencies such as the Egyptian pound, Saudi riyals, Qataris, Kuwaiti dinars, Jordanians and Iraqis.

There are also Arab sites and applications to buy online, if you are concerned about the distance or language barrier of some sites, here we offer you a group of Arab shopping sites you can acquire brands through them:

6. Aliexpress

Is a site specializing in the sale of women’s and men’s clothing and children’s clothing, and you can purchase the cosmetics and accessories, and the delivery of orders in the period of 7 – 10 days, and is available for free replacement and retrieval within a period of one month, and you can pay on receipt or through a bank or The Internet.


This site is one of the largest fashion shopping sites in the Arab world, and its products are available at low prices. The site offers free shipping for orders that exceed 150 riyals. Between one to three days.

8- Shein

The site is one of the leading Arab fashion websites. It sells high quality clothing and accessories. The shipment is shipped within a period of one to ten days at most. Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.

9. Sivvi

A shopping mall that specializes in selling original costumes and accessories. The website can be purchased in Arabic or English. The website offers shipping service between 3 – 7 days, with the possibility of replacement within 14 days from the date of receipt. , American Express, or Maestro.


Is a specialized fashion store for the Gulf States. It is located in the UAE and includes women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, as well as sports clothing, accessories and perfumes.

The site can be browsed in Arabic or English and offers free fast shipping within two days to the UAE and Lebanon. It is also easy to replace the product for free within 14 days.

HB Swiss Winning Strategies

HB Swiss Winning Strategies HB Swiss is a smart trading software powered with auto intelligence algorithm that never stops learning from its HBSwiss data and improving results

The goal of any HB Swiss organization is to deliver outstanding and sustainable performance. “Performance” for the organization means “return on investment” and “sustainable” means that this performance will continue in the long run rather than just the next quarterly profit target. The word “distinct” means that it is better than competitors so that the company is always at the forefront when more capital is needed, which makes it more sustainable. What does it take for an institution to deliver superior and sustainable performance? First, a good strategy is needed, and a combination of options for positioning and how to compete. Secondly, good implementation and integration of actions for the implementation of the strategy is needed. Both of these require good leadership to ensure that the right choices are taken and that the right actions are taken. In this special report by Dr. John Wales, President of the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Switzerland, the focus is on winning strategies, competitive realities, competitive advantage and profits.

HB Swiss
HB Swiss

HB Swiss

The real possibility of profit

The assessment of any Hans Berger HB Swiss business opportunity begins by determining the value provided to the HBSwiss customer. This is a measure of the maximum price the customer is willing to pay. We need to compare this price with the cost of providing the customer with the service or the commodity. The difference between them is a measure of the probability of profit.

However, customers rarely pay the highest price, and the actual price is the product of market competition. If the competition is low, the prices are close to the maximum the customer can pay. In the event of increased competition, prices can fall rapidly to the cost of supply or even lower, in which case the company is likely to go bankrupt. The level of competition varies greatly from one business to another and affects the level of profitability that a medium-sized company can expect.

Sources of competition for profits

When evaluating the level of competition in a field, it is easy to make the mistake of focusing only on direct competitors. The number of direct competitors is certainly important; the higher the number of competitors and the more competition, the lower the average profit. However, it is important to take a more comprehensive view of competition. There are many sources of competition for profits [see Michael Porter, Competitive Strategy, Figure 17]. Powerful customers can extract most of the profit from a HB Swiss company, which many companies have noticed when providing service to a major retailer such as HB Swiss. Top suppliers can also get a lot of profit. The PC industry, for example, is not very profitable because most of the profits in the supply line are controlled by Intel and Microsoft.

However, even if there are a few competitors, suppliers and customers have limited leverage, the profits will also not last long if it is easy to enter into this area. In order to achieve long-term profitability with, barriers and barriers to entry must be high. Business people often fail to take this into account. The new idea may look amazingly valuable, but it will not be profitable for a long time if it is easy to imitate. When entering a domain, it is important for the company to build barriers and barriers for those who come after it.

Last but not least, alternative products set a maximum price that the HBSwiss customer will pay, so there is a maximum profit that the HB Swiss company can achieve.

A careful assessment of the five forces indicates the level of profitability that a medium-sized company can expect. It also indicates ways in which the company can position itself in a position to achieve above-average returns, for example by choosing to provide service to less-powerful client segments. The HB Swiss trends in the five powers also provide an indication of whether the average profitability of the field will rise or fall. Smart investors look to invest in industries that are likely to increase profits in the future and buy shares at a reduced price. Similarly, these investors look to sell companies at a premium price when they believe that profits will fall in the long term.

When evaluating a company, it is also useful to have a more comprehensive look at the total value system, looking upwards towards the supply chain and down towards the distribution channels. It would also be equally useful to consider free products on both sides. The goal is to determine where profits can be made within the value system and how this will change in the future. For example, 25 years of music industry earnings have been earned by major record companies. For 10 years, major retailers offering price cuts have been making a big chunk of profits. Now the distribution and spread of online registrations are tightening up retailers and putting more pressure on record companies.

So the strategy is about selection, and the first and biggest choice the company should take is to choose the battlefield in which to compete. Some fields are more attractive than others. So she has to ask: Which business is more attractive? Which sectors within the sector will generate higher than average returns? Which is more attractive: to be at the top of the pyramid or at its base? How can this change over time? How can the company benefit from these data so that it can choose for itself a position that can achieve higher than average returns?

Look for competitive advantage

Although a company may be able to find an attractive sector within an industry, it is likely that other companies will find it similarly. It is now a matter of building a competitive advantage to help the company win. One method is to provide greater value to customers so that the company can demand higher prices, a so-called differentiation strategy. An obvious alternative is to reduce costs to become less than competitors to improve margins. It is often difficult to focus on doing both at the same time, and here is the second major strategic choice that the company must take. What weapons do the company choose to win? Will it resort to a trade-off or lower cost method?

Thus, the company’s profit potential consists of three components: the real mean of profitability within the field, the growing profit from finding attractive sectors within the field, and the size of competitive advantage compared to other competitors in the same sector.

The trade-off: stimulate the process of achieving a higher price

The trade-off can not be summed up in mere difference and exclusivity. I myself know many companies that offer unique but unprofitable products. The goal of differentiation is to be better from the perspective of the client. A critical test that will determine whether a company has better products is whether it can maintain a high price for what it offers and at the same time have a market share. If the company sells at the same price, then it should get a larger share of the market because its customers prefer it to competitors. However, just having a product at a high price does not mean that it has a competitive advantage. The definition of the advantage is that it turns into higher profits; therefore the price difference must exceed any additional costs. Many companies make the mistake of adding two dollars to the cost of their product to make themselves better, but they only earn one dollar as a price difference. This is a complex form of charitable work. The trade-off requires a strict economic system. The company must know the cost of the unit it produces compared to its competitors and also know about its relative price. They must be satisfied with their cost base as they realize that they can achieve price differentials to cover incremental costs.

It is important to fully understand the needs of customers to achieve price difference. For example, customers in the Rollman Blend industry are willing to pay more than twice as much as Rollman’s crew for the time of another crew, because in this case they will not only buy half the amount they have to buy, but will also save installation costs. Understanding customer economics provides a deeper insight into the market price differentials. The proper way to deal with the issue of differentiation requires sound estimates of the issue of willingness to pay.

Value Inquiry Group

When a company determines how to find additional value, it has to choose how it will achieve that value. What activities should they invest in? For example, in the case of the Rolman Bally factory, which manufactures a life-long product that is twice the age of competitors’ products, there is an obvious option to sell a soft roller, but it may be reasonable to provide a machine maintenance service because this will allow the company to provide more installation costs. The Company may also choose to commence the concession to offer Machine Maintenance Services. It can also license other Rollman producers to manufacture it. There are many methods to compete, each of which involves different forms of investment, different possibilities to achieve value, different levels of strategic control. Strategy is a matter of choice!

Cost Less

To achieve high levels of profitability, the low cost is not enough; the goal is to have a lower cost than the competitor. In addition, it is not acceptable to have a lower cost, but you are offering a lower quality product. The goal should be the lower cost for the same product or service. If customers demand a reduction, it should be smaller than a low cost advantage so that a distinct profitability can be achieved.

Whether the company chooses to be low-cost or privileged, it must clearly have a very good understanding of its relative cost location. This information is difficult to obtain from published accounts. It is best to look at the cost of each activity involved and then model changes in each of these costs (for example, volume of operations, nature of technology, plant location and the like). In this understanding of cost shifts, the company should then ask the question: “How much will our costs be if we work in the same place and in the same way as our competitors?” This provides a reasonable estimate of the relative cost position and also helps determine how to modify activities to find cost .

Cost reduction activities

Once the company determines how it can achieve a lower cost, it must choose the scope of its activities. You may choose to avoid activities where a large number of suppliers are at low cost and much competition, and it is best for the company to buy such products or services from the market. On the other hand, activities that are important for competitive advantage or high profitability have higher investment priorities.

Predict competitors

There can be no strategy while you are in isolation from what is around you. It depends on the location of the competitors and what they are expected to do. What advantages do they have? What is their main objective? How did they behave in the past? What does this tell us about how they move in the future? How can they react to any moves the company might make? This deep knowledge allows the company to predict and anticipate movements and countermeasures, and determine its movements.

The company must assess the potential speed of the competitor’s reaction to anything the company is doing, what it will cost when it responds, and what impact this will have on the company’s competitive advantage. Ideally, the HB Swiss company should look forward to moves expected to be a slow competitor response, and the cost of response is very high, and the company, as a result of this move, has increased its relative position.

When a competitor’s reaction is delayed because of the costs involved, this allows the company a significant amount of time to enjoy the additional profit from its new idea. However, since a move leads to a delay in the competitor’s reaction, the company should still consider such moves strategically safe, even if the opponent’s reaction is rapid. The difficulty is when a competitor becomes more competitive once he has reacted. In this case, as long as the opponent’s response is slow, it is still logical for the company to present the new idea as long as it can reap a good amount of revenue before the competitor responds. However, once a competitor imitates the idea, the company has no choice but to find another new idea for profitable profits, because the competitor is now stronger. The idea of ​​this strategy revolves around how to anticipate competitors and stay in the forefront.

But it should be noted that the most dangerous new idea is the idea that the competitor can imitate quickly and at a lower cost. Any HB Swiss company that intends to offer such a product will be a person who is committing an unforgivable strategic sin.

A New Era Of Leadership

A New Era Of Leadership Attempts to blame coming in from all over the world, the financial crisis has provoked considerable debate about who should take the blame, which led to the emergence of a lot of negative feelings towards the decision-makers Omnia Investments. The leadership, which was recently signed away from accountability has now found itself vulnerable to sharp criticism of the presumed what has been termed the “post-crisis world” of responsibility. Amid all of that emotion, it will not do any attempt to deny that the blame can sometimes be justified. As well as the changes that have to be made to overcome the logical doubts.

The new economic climate puts businesses in front of new challenges but at the same time carries with it countless opportunities, as many claim that the current period represents a defining moment for companies if they want to create value. It is here, amid the confusion surrounding the post-recession period, dating back to attention once again looking towards the summit waiting for guidance, and researcher for inspiration and confidence that they seem to have lost long ago. Thus, the leaders of companies today are faced with what appears as a crisis identity, where they became torn between having to act quickly and at the same time enjoy the utmost vigilance so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Having saddled their shoulders the burden of added responsibilities, the leadership of the family business does not represent an exception in this case; Despite the thought that they are the least affected by the crisis, decisions that they make are affected by Omnia APP Scam competition and dynamic business fractured change.


As a start, we are entitled to ask the question whether it was necessary to change the leadership of the company in any case or not. Experts say that after we have seen countless cases of declining regional economic activity and a few cases of the economic downturn on the global level, despite finding similarities, we are still unable to identify repeated patterns. Thus, we will change our behavior to make any difference at all? We must ask ourselves, if the issue of our inability to predict the form or format following the economic downturn will make our behavior analysis and we have learned from our mistakes is to no avail.

The public opinion, taking into account the facts that unfold every day, apparently a supporter of the need for the leaders of the companies in some soul-searching. However, many family businesses in the Arab world survived the worst consequences of the financial crisis. Some allege that the interpretation of this phenomenon is that the leaders of family businesses tend to adopt long-term trends and therefore they have a very cautious investment strategy. Thus, if we take into account that they came out relatively of the crisis, the question remains why the leaders of Omnia APP family businesses must change from the ground up?

The answer is obvious: Despite the we may not be able to predict when the next similar shock that hit the world economy, the leaders of family businesses still have to deal with the present, where the post-crisis world, which offers them a competitive arena entirely different, and carries with it new challenges and opportunities . At a time when the leaders of the companies forming the economic our climate, are they themselves are affected by many factors and responsibilities, for which they need to put them in mind during the day they make their decisions. We even have any risks by saying that the burden, in fact, on the shoulders of the leaders of family businesses may have been bigger than those imposed on the leaders of the regular joint stock companies.

And even show the size and complexity of the challenges, and at the same time the opportunities in front of you, the leaders of family businesses dimensional and responsibilities that affect the leaders and that must be taken into account when thinking about the issue of change:

Multiple roles

Leaders of family businesses play often three-dimensional role of responsibility; they are not responsible and by all management, but have also part of the company to say the least, and equally important, you may be enjoying the status of a task in the family unless they already deans of their families. Experience has shown the impossibility of a complete separation between these roles and responsibilities in spite of all efforts. In spite of this, it is still possible to achieve a lot through good governance systems, one of the responsibilities that need to give top priority in corporate governance.


Leadership within the framework of the family firm draws attention to human resources. In order to cope with the troubled global economy it becomes necessary to assemble the strongest possible team of experts to assist the leaders of the company. The issue of the appointment a difficult issue, despite the large abundance now in the number of skilled employees who have become redundant need for companies by the crisis. Moreover, the leaders of family businesses need to deal with the expectations of family members and the issue of migrant education and training. There are new generations are flocking to the family business, they may have different ideas of technology and progress, and may be in their imagination to imagine a different future for the company. The mission of the family company commander to evaluate new developments objectively as much as possible, and to encourage new initiatives while at the same time on the core family values.

Dealing with the company’s image

The reliance on the family name alone has become difficult with the increasing invasion of globalization and international competition at the expense of regional features. It must be directed towards the leadership capacity to maintain, at the same time enhance the image of the family business in the eyes of the outside world. It’s important to cherish and take pride in what we have gained the reputation over the previous time periods, but the competition with international companies require us to use textured planning external communications and to avoid dissemination of inaccurate information, whether in the media or through the business community method.

Strengthen the communication process

External communication is only one of the aspects that the leaders of family businesses always need to put it into account. It comes on the equally important contact at the domestic level. The quality of communication is a key factor for the continuity of the family business. The rapid growth that has occurred on technology to increase the size of the gaps between the different generations have contributed. And leaders of family businesses need to take into account these differences, where they constitute a great danger threatening cases of misunderstanding, whereas if it is handled well, it provides greater opportunities.

Maintaining the values ​​and renewal at the same time

One of the biggest challenges faced by leaders of family businesses is the spirit of innovation while maintaining the core values ​​of their families at the same time. The loss of family values ​​imply the loss of value of their reputation and status, which would affect the company at all levels. However, most importantly, to family values ​​is a kind of internal link or serves as an implicit guidance for family members as well as employees from outside the family. The preservation of these values ​​meant to strengthen the company’s identity.


In fact, the question of leadership is essentially a question of the stability of the principle, or what we call the lack of a double standard. No one expects to be the leader of infallible, there is no us of it as well. However, the role of leadership implies an inevitable and automatic guidance and inspiration. Consistency is an important issue, as a respected those who can defend their decisions and bear the consequences. It turns firm on principle, not only through words but mostly through acts: Who will defend those who followed him? Who applied against the reward at a time when the rest lose their jobs? It is a question of consistency between what is said and done and then it comes to the integrity of the person who sits alone at the top. Although we may tend to think that companies are only machines to pump money, and that we must from time to time to reduce their expenditures, we are all aware that the company manage its meaning dealing with human beings of different orientations and visions, even if they belong to the same family. It is becoming increasingly difficult to continue to focus on long-term goals within a rapidly changing environment and rotation.

Although it is certain that the issue of revision of the leadership strategy when someone ordered varies from case to case, the fact that the current climate needs strong leaders companies have a lot of visions of the enlightened and the ability and the capability to expand their horizons. No longer the complexities of the global economy will allow the decision-maker to assume full responsibility alone. And knowledge required for enlightened leadership, which is to know you can not expect its presence in possession of a single person, you must acquire a collective effort and directing them to keep the companies in the long term. Hence, one can say that the new era of leadership motto that the leaders of corporate performance, whether it is family-owned businesses or otherwise, will be subject to the performance of those around them quality.

The Best Way to Lose Weight Super Fast And Easy In 2017

Body weight, a clear indication of the amount of fat accumulated in it; most people want to get agile bodies, so many of the negative effects caused by excess weight that; as it affects the general appearance of the body, causing many diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and affects the skeletal structure and joints, as the cause of many social problems of people, reduces self-confidence, it is also difficult to get suitable for his body sizes, and hampers his mobility.

Because the weight gain, especially excessive tolerate a great deal of negatives, many of the people trying to lose weight in several ways, including asylum diets harsh, or resorting to surgery, most of which cause serious symptoms, it is to perform the suction of fat operations, or making a cut and stapled of the stomach, or a balloon in the stomach mode, or the other; as eating drugs and medicines that reduce weight quickly, but it leads to an imbalance in the body’s hormones, may lead poisoning, so you should pay attention to the need to lose weight healthy ways that do not affect the body.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Ways to lose weight fast

To participate in a sports club, and the practice of physical exercise included the loss of five hundred calories a day; so that the number of lost calories more than the number of calories covered by the individual, and 2 Week Diet System method is guaranteed to lack of two kilograms per week.

Eating less food quantities, avoid foods that are high in calories, especially sweets, fats, and soft drinks, and the reduction of starchy materials, industrial and localities.

Reduce the amount of salt in food, and that sequestration of fluid in the body contributes to, and increase the weight of the person.

The focus of the food on vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, chicken breast without skin, and skimmed dairy products, Almchweh meat and fat, and egg whites.

Drink plenty of water, at least two liters and a half a day at least, with the need to adhere to two glasses of water before each meal, half an hour; where water inhibits appetite, thus eating less food.

Eating too much fruit, especially pineapple and watermelon; because it gives a feeling of fullness, and prevent eating more food, and avoid the tempting foods that provide empty calories, such as candy, ice cream.

Focus on sports as brisk walking, jogging, and swimming; and so it helps to lose large amounts of calories and thus lose weight quickly.

Sleep for eight hours a day at least; because the lack of sleep is a major cause of the accumulation of fat in the body, and the inability to decreased.

Weight loss to sports

Exercise of the main activities that must not without a human life of which, they have the benefits are innumerable, and the benefits of sport to get rid of excess weight, and the treatment of obesity, so we will in this article talking about the most important exercise that will run on Weight loss.

Sports to lose weight

Of the most important exercises that help you lose weight:

Sport bike ride: helping exercises to ride a bike to burn a large amount of calories, ranging from 500 – 1000 calories per hour and depend the amount of calories that are burned in this exercise, riding a bike faster, since doing this exercise very quickly provides the yoga burn zoe bray cotton results of the most effective in getting rid of excess weight, you should do this exercise consistently and regularly, too.

Swimming: help exercises swim to burn the equivalent of 800 calories per hour, is the swimming exercises of the most important exercise to lose weight, because it is the whole body move almost, and these exercises positive psychological effects on the exerciser person, and also contribute to the sport of swimming to get rid of cellulite problems, and work to improve the performance of the work of the heart, preferably swimming performance regularly.

Tennis: help tennis exercises to burn the equivalent of 600 calories per hour, and the benefits of tennis that it is working to improve cardiovascular health, and strengthen the arms and legs in a little period of time, and must practice the sport at a rate of three times a week, so to get the results effective in weight loss.

Sport race or jogging: working jogging to burn the equivalent of 600 calories per hour, this exercise plays a major role in getting rid of excess weight and problems with cellulite in super speed, as this exercise helps to maintain a beautiful and graceful views of the body, and this depends on the degree regularity and continuity in the person doing this exercise.

Walking: walking is working to burn high amount of calories up to about 400 calories per hour, is also working on giving a beautiful texture and curvaceous body, improve digestion, and stimulate the cardiovascular work, and pluses possibility of work at any time and any place, and it is worth mentioning that this exercise requires continuity.

To lose weight effectively should a person work to follow a particular system next exercise in his career, a person who wants to ease the weight he must work to follow a specific diet, such as moving away from high-calorie food intake, and a lot of drinking water, which gives rights a feeling of fullness, hence conclude that the exercise to lose weight must be followed by a change in the lifestyle of the person himself.