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Month: August 2017

Free Forex Strategies: Where to Get Started?

Forex trading is a specialized function. Requiring a good understanding of the trends and news of the Forex market. However, the timing of entry and exit from the market plays a crucial role in determining your profit levels. With free Forex strategies, you can appropriately position your Forex Scorpio Code investments and thus ensure a profitable trade.

The five most common free forex strategies

Here are some forex strategies that will help you improve your chances of doing a successful trade:

Margin Purchase: When buying margin, the broker allows you a high degree of leverage. Thus, the trader can invest more than the actual value of his real account. However, in this case the trader will face high risk, as profits will depend mainly on the entry and exit points of the trade. Only experienced traders are able to make good profits by buying margin.

Historical Levels :: Indicates the maximum and minimum range in which a currency pair fluctuated over a given period of time. Analyzing these levels will give you an overview of the potential values ​​of any currencies in the near future. Analyzing historical values ​​needs time, but it is the safest strategy for new traders. There is very little chance that the currency will deviate from its historical levels without significant news.

Loss order: Using a stop loss strategy, the trader sets the value of the currency pair in advance. This will help reduce the risk of significant loss and thus increase the possibility of a successful trade.

Managed accounts: This strategy targets individuals who wish to invest in the currency market more than their normal trading interests. Managed accounts operate similarly to mutual funds. Where a person invests his money with a Forex trading company. Experienced traders in this company deal with investors’ money in currency exchange. Realized gains or losses are distributed among individual traders. Although managed accounts are not highly profitable, they provide time and effort to investors, which is usually required as a prerequisite for successful trading.

The simple muffing line, also known as SMA, is the moving average value of a specified currency pair over a given period of time. You can make investment decisions based on the simple muffin values ​​of any currency pair. Investing in currencies with stable average values ​​is a safe way to trade forex.

100% Hedging Strategies

Hedging is generally defined as the purchase of two or more trading positions at the same time, where the objective is to offset losses in the first position through gains made in the other trading center.

Hedging or what is known as the usual maturity is to open the trading center on a certain currency and to be A, and then open a trading center opposite on the same currency A. This type of hedge protects the rolling of margin call or Margin Cool, because the second contract will win in the event of losing the first contract and vice versa.

However, traders have developed a number of hedging techniques in order to try to capitalize on the same hedge concept in profit making rather than offsetting losses.

On this page we will discuss some of the hedging techniques.

Forex Scorpio Code
Forex Scorpio Code

1. 100% hedging.

It is the safest and most profitable of all hedging techniques and at the same time carries the minimum risk. This technique uses the idea of ​​balancing interest rates (price variance among intermediaries). In this type of hedge you will deal with two brokers. One of them pays interest to you at the end of the trading day while the other does not give or take interest on customer accounts. However, in such cases the trader will have to maximize his profits, or in other words he will try to make the most of this kind of hedging.

The basic idea behind this type of hedge is to open a trading center on a currency and let X be at an intermediary who pays a high interest rate every night on the existing contract. On the other hand, you open an opposite trading position on the same currency X at another broker that does not take Any interest on existing contracts, in this way you win from the interest rate or extension that is added to your account.

However, there are a number of other factors to keep in mind.

a. Currency used. The best combination of currencies to use with Forex Scorpio Code Vladimir Ribakov strategy is the GBP / JPY pair, because at the moment the interest added to your account will be around US $ 24 per standard Lot you carry, however you should check with the broker you will deal with Each of them adds different amounts but generally ranges from $ 10 to $ 26.

B. Trading broker that does not charge interest. This may be the most difficult part of the topic. Before you open a trading account with this broker, you should be sure of the following: 1. Is the broker allowed to open trading center for an indefinite period? 2- Does the broker receive commissions?

Some brokers get five dollars a fixed commission each night for each trading center that remains open, which is good though they do not. This is because when a broker takes money to keep your position, this means that this broker will allow you to keep your trading position open for an extended period.

C. Share your account. Hedging requires a large volume of money. For example, if you want to use GBP / JPY, you will need about USD 20,000 per account. This seems to be absolutely necessary because the monthly range of the Pound Yen’s recent moves has been around 2,000 points. So you do not want to listen to the margin call in one of your accounts. Also, do not forget that when you open a trading contract with two brokers, you will pay a spread for these contracts, which is around 16 pips for both. If you are using a single Lotte Normal this will mean you will pay up to $ 145. So once you enter the trade you will lose $ 145. So you’ll need at least six days to cover the cost of the spreads alone. So if you keep the Margin Cool again you will have to close both trading centers and then transfer the funds back to your account and then reopen the trading positions. Every time you do this you will lose $ 145 again!

It is important to use Forex Scorpio Code strategy, but not to call margin. This can be achieved either by using a large balance of funds in your account, or by finding an efficient and quick way to transfer money between intermediaries.

Dr.. Capital Management. One of the best ways to manage such accounts is to withdraw monthly profits and balance the open Tadawalk centers. This can be achieved by withdrawing the surplus from one account or in other words, taking the profits from the winning account and then depositing this surplus in the losing account to balance it. However, this may be very costly. You should also know whether your broker allows withdrawals at the same time as the contract is open or not. One of the most effective ways to obtain this is to use the drag feature of brokerage services provided by third party companies.

Golden tips for successful and effective Twitter marketing

Golden tips for successful and effective Twitter marketing

If you do not use Twitter to connect with customers and marketing, you should review the topic. Twitter on the famous social networking site is a powerful force in the business world.
Here we will give you some tips to master the art of Twitter marketing according to the Entrepreneur website:
1 – Twitter is not limited to just the titles and links:
We may not have enough time to write, but that does not mean that we are limited to writing the title or link, but we have to write a small paragraph to indicate the goal, or help to thrill the news.
2 – mastering the use of expressive symbol @:
Using @ is one of the highlights of Twitter. Where the placement of @ makes a big difference in meaning and the Digital Cash Academy way to get reactions.

Digital Cash Academy
Digital Cash Academy

3 – Know and love your tag:
The idea is to use a suitable, meaningful and meaningful Hashtag to help people search for a topic rather than just a series of words.
4 – Quality and not Quantity:
To ensure that you get the most followers you have to pay attention to the quality of the topics, not the number.
5 – Be patient:
The process of getting a number of followers does not come easily so you have to be patient, follow prominent people and re-Twitter and mentioned the content of high value.
6. To be effective:
Being an active member of Twitter is one of the most important things to ensure your survival. By staying alert to what others are twittering, re-twittering and responding to Twitter.
7. Avoid access to a dark area:
You should pay attention to times when people are more likely to be on Twitter. They are often from 8 am to 8 pm.
It’s crazy to post tweets, for example, at 4 am The overwhelming majority of your audience is not logged in, so your tweets will not have a large number of impressions and reasonable interactions.
It is necessary to publish at peak times and to offer a reasonable number of tweets and not a flood of which monitors can not monitor all and interact with them.
8. Monitor Twitter data intelligently:
You can use Twitter to evaluate your brand and learn about its strengths and weaknesses and where it’s most popular.
9. Be effective with photos and videos:
Using words and links is a good thing, but be sure to add images and videos to your Tweets that give the most followers.
10 – Use the crowfire application
The application of crowfire of the most important and best applications on mobile to manage your account on Twitter and Instagram, it helps you to increase your followers daily by 100 real observers daily and also helps you to know the true followers and those who follow you and those who do not follow it and can work white lists and black The most important advantages are the work of a message Automatic response to each new follower for you

11. Provide additional value to followers.
There are a lot of Twitter accounts in your domain that publish almost the same content and provide valuable tweets for followers.
You are required to be unique in your style and to submit a variety of tweets in terms of content, whether it is textual or written, accompanied by a link to your Digital Cash Academy Review site or written in full.
12. Take advantage of events for your brand.
I remember that last year when iPhone 6 Plus was released and was suffering from a bending flaw, it caused a great deal of fuss about technology sites and the web in general, which companies cleverly exploited on social networks.
Kate Kat was one of the companies that took advantage of this event by posting her famous adage that her product does not bend but break!
The twinkle as we note it is integrated with 2 Hachtagat then was very follow-up and related to the event.
13. Interact with followers as quickly as possible.
The signals coming from followers’ accounts to ask a specific question or talk about your organization require you to make an urgent and resolute decision.
Inquiries in this case must be answered clearly and in short and it is good to add it to the Favorites, this pleased followers.
Of course, you have to respond to queries and comments that are cleverly provocative and away from violent retaliation or even ignoring.
14. Configure your account to show your Tweets in search results.
Profile picture and a detailed profile with the website link and provide the rest of the required information that will show your personal account as genuine and credible.
For the Twitter algorithm, tweets that are published from trusted accounts and those that have a long, well-configured history appear more than those that are published on fake or uninitial accounts.
We now offer you steps to ensure successful marketing for your Twitter account:
For the first step: start-up phase
1 – Choose a special name for your company account on Twitter, taking into account the ease of the name and clarity
2 – Choose a good format for your company profile on Twitter with a good selection of pictures and colors in line with the colors of the company.
3 – Write a short and clear brief about the company with no more than 160 characters.
Step 2: Build a special environment in the company’s domain on Twitter
4 – Search for customers and follow them and communicate with them.
5. Start publishing topics.
6 – Pay attention to follow up those who follow your company account on Twitter
7 – Publish your company account on other social media channels such as “Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Website”.
8. Create lists in your company’s Twitter account.
Step Three: Increase the interaction phase of your company’s Twitter account
9. Set fixed times to post topics on your company’s Twitter account.
10 – the effective and effective use of the crown of the crown “Hashtag”.
11. Keep your Twitter clear and small.
12. Optimal use of images.
13 – Publish multiple tweets and many during the day.
14- Organize your twitter schedules by calculating your Digital Cash Academy company on Twitter by using its tool like “Tweetdeck”.
15 – the stage of measuring the success of steps of all of the above using tools such as “Ritetag, Buffer.”
Step Four: Promote business to your company account on Twitter
16. Build a community around your trade name.
17- Convert a large percentage of your personal Tweets into Twitter.
18 – Make the content easy and simple and clear for easy circulation among your followers.
19 – Create competitions on your company account on Twitter, which increases the interaction of your followers and increase their number.
20- Be the best in your customer service.

 In addition to the above, make sure to shorten the links you publish to your account and keep away from annoying those who post the same tweets around the clock.

How To Turn Your Blog Readers Into Customers

Creating a blog that is very popular, is no longer a fantasy these days. There is a lot of evidence on the Internet that can guide you to do LurnSummit professionally. If you are truly committed to it, you will not have the right to specialize in marketing through social networks and promotional means. It is now easy.

But the hardest part of blogging is generating a positive return on your investment.

Over the past 7 years I have created 4 blogs. Each of these blogs has never exceeded 20,000 visitors per month, but also – and most importantly – many visitors have turned into clients in the different types of business I do.

What I have learned over the past 7 years is that the most difficult part of this process is to enhance the profitability of blogging. It is harder. Even harder to bring visitors to the blog, but I feel that I have a well-functioning equation. Succeed with you, as you succeeded with us in digital business.

Free consultation

If you have a product or service, you must keep in mind the obligation to make free consultation. These web meetings are not a requirement only for the product or service you provide, but instead, this advice should be about adding benefits and value to your target customers .

For example ..

Although we sell integrated solutions and designs to customers on Digital Business, we are constantly maintaining a web conferencing session on the marketing of different products / services related to our product, as if our customer were a marketer like us.

By giving them useful information about what marketing is, we build confidence and brand, which in turn leads to more customers and more subscriptions to our site.

Call for action

There are a thousand ways you can bring visitors from your blog to your main site, and the easiest way to do it is to call for action. There are 4 ways of effective calls to take a particular action, which you can easily use:

Lurn Summit
Lurn Summit

Add a bar at the top of the site: You can create a nice simple bar, orange – or any color you prefer – and place it in the top posts you write on your blog. In this interesting bar, you can place any message or invitation to take action that you want to tell your blog visitors to interact with. For example, you might write in this bar, “Learn how the World of Technology increases your visitors’ rate by 30% in 60 days.” If people click on the message at the bar, visitors are redirected to a landing page prepared for them. Page The sales letter I want to deliver to them, and turn them into my clients, both actual and potential customers. 7.53% of our readers click on the message placed at the top of the browser.

Link Link Navigation: By placing the previous bar you can include a link pointing to a page in your company’s website or even the companies of others.
Static (Inactive): In the sidebar of my blog, we place a static ad in which we display our products or third-party products. This ad is clicked at 3.94%.

Scrolling Ad: A new technique of advertising that is added to your blog. It is a scrolling ad where readers of your blog can drag the mouse wheel down to read the rest of the post. I got a 2.58% click on this ad. Provided that a side ad does not cover what the visitor reads, so that it does not become an annoying ad.

Although it seems that calling for action does not bring much interaction, but when you combine, you find that they make up about 15% of all visitors. In the end, these conversions are converted into a 5-digit monthly income, in the amount you offer to your customer. This is not the interest you accrue from the relationship you build with your customer for life, and the amount of your conversion to the purchase from you again.

Cases of study

If you’re targeting other companies as an initial type of customer for you, case studies are a great way to bring customers to your business. There are a few ways you can view this as follows:

Give up on the farm: The purpose here is not to secretly conceal your new customers from your old customers .. The cases of study you have passed which has a good conversion rate, are those that must be mentioned in detail. Make your customers feel like you’re blowing your own secrets in your work, so people can understand how your business is doing. Make sure you include a photo or video with a thank you note from the customer you’ve already signed up with. Then the most important point .. Sell your product or service while viewing the study cases on the new customer.

Promote your case studies: The easiest way to promote your case studies is to include them in a blog post. Just make sure they are useful to your readers, by teaching them something new. You can even put your study case in the sidebar and refer to it as an internal link to the blog, as I do on my site, or show it by highlighting it on the home page of your blog just like I do. Because I show my study cases in these two areas, I get 3.7% of my visitors on this link, but 4.19% of those visitors turn into customers and deals.

special offers

One of the easiest ways to turn your readers into customers is to give them a special offer, by writing a special post that gives you a special discount, or a bundle of products in one package, and you’ll find quite a few of them.

We have found that the best way to make good deals is to put a package of products in one package. For example, you can choose 4 customers / companies, and offer the same product to them at a discounted price to be bought together at the same time. The best part of this is to show you the deal on your blog – about the 4 companies – and ask them to show the subject in their blogs, and in this way you get the common support of your regular audience who follows your business, and the audience of those 4 companies.

Usually, the conversion rate for these deals depends mainly on the nature of your offer and the price, but to give yourself a sense of the power of conversions, you should at least make 10 deals with your readers, assuming that your visitors exceed 10,000 new visitors per month . If you can not achieve that, it means that your offer is not good enough.

Group email addresses

Our favorite way of converting our blog into a money-making machine is through e-mail. This process takes a lot of time and requires more effort, but its conversion rate is much higher than the previous rates.

Now let’s begin by learning about the suggested ways to collect email addresses from your blog:

Popup boxes: By activating a tool such as marketing a box, it is possible to register your mailing list from 1% to 3% of your blog readers.

Sidebar: By setting the registration form in the sidebar, you can convert from 0.5% to 2% of your blog readers to subscribers in your mailing list.

Your posts: At the end of each post, you can set up a subscription form in your mailing list, and you know that from 0.75% to 2% of your readers turn to subscribers in your mailing list using Lurn Virtual Summit method only.

I know very well that the percentages listed above vary greatly from user to user, but basically it depends on the number of ways you use the dialog box that invites subscribers to subscribe to your mailing list. It is better to give them an instant gift to give them in return for taking their e-mail. For example, an e-book, a free subscription to a paid site, a trial version of a new program, etc. Using such a stimulus, there is no doubt that the rate of conversion from readers to subscribers will increase significantly.

Once you get the e-mail of your blog’s clients, you’ll need to create a mailing plan that will be ready and ready for your site according to its nature. The e-mail plan usually consists of 3-7 emails and is automatically sent to subscribers according to a schedule related to the time the subscriber subscribed to the mailing list. With services like MailChimp, Aweber, or SendGrid, you can simply create such a table. With this valuable list of emails, you can communicate with your readers – your potential customers – and give them free information and promotions, and with time you’ll be able to sell a lot to them.

The skilled menu can convert 5% of your readers to customers. If you collect 100 emails, buy 5 of them, you will be the winner. If you feel uncomfortable writing the e-mails that will be sent to your mailing list subscribers, you can hire someone who is more efficient than you to do this professionally.

The main key to the art of writing e-mails using the art of Copywriting needs at first to learn well first, then build confidence Second, at this stage, do not waste your time .. Start sales immediately, and you can not do this to write only some e-mails , And by trial you can sell in the seventh letter from the beginning, since it is difficult to do such actions before the seventh letter.


Blogging can turn into a highly profitable process, just focus on turning your readers into actual customers. Once you convert them to customers, you know that after a period of time, 50% of your sales will be from these existing customers, that is, you will win a permanent customer over the years, as long as you meet a certain quality standard.

I usually wait until I have at least 10,000 readers a month, and I do not have a blog with less than that number, despite the fact that this is causing me a financial overload. The cost of maintaining the blog is more than the cost of the Lurn Summit income I get at the beginning To up to 10,000 readers.

Now let me learn from you ..

Do you know any way you can boost the profitability of your blog?

I would be happy if you would like to tell me the comments.