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Month: November 2017

What Are The Benefits Of eCommerce For Your Online Business?

E-commerce has many benefits for the national economy both for developed countries and least developed countries.

1. Low cost search information where buyers search directly for suppliers, 7 Figure Cycle products and prices which matter in saving effort and money.

2. The low cost of transactions and transactions, including invoices, purchase orders, payment method and collection, which led to an increase in the efficiency and speed of transactions.

3. Lower costs resulting from increased inventory management efficiency.

4. High ability of suppliers to deal directly with buyers until intermediaries are eliminated and distributors reduce costs.

5. Achieves transparency in pricing processes. The combination of a large number of sellers and buyers in one electronic network over the Internet provides a lot of information about prices to all customers and this contributes to the overall price of the decline and increase the degree of competition.

6. The rapid growth of e-commerce between companies leads each other to generate size-related advantages as the number of sellers and buyers increases and the volume of online transactions increases.

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

Effects of eCommerce

E-commerce affects productivity, e-commerce and income distribution.

Impact on productivity:

E-commerce has achieved many productivity gains by reducing transaction costs. The rapid spread of information and the replacement of digital and digital transactions with paper transactions have led to a reduction in administrative expenses. The expansion of electronic networks also improves the flexibility and responsiveness of exchanges and reduces the time, effort and money required for exchange.

Improved procurement and inventory management system:

E-commerce reduces the expenses of the use of intermediate goods and expenses, and the preservation and storage of information as the Internet reduces the handling of papers, which reduces the expenses of operations by saving time and effort and speed up operations and reduce human errors associated with operations and provide the expenses of the training and processing team and marketing and facilitate competition In auctions, relying on the electronic storage system and relying on the direct retrieval and conversion of information to provide the shortfall in the requirements required by the consumer at the earliest time will reduce the time spent in the conversion process For developing countries, production and operation are slow and labor-intensive compared with industrialized countries, so it is expected that the shift to electronic systems in production management processes will save working capital with high expenditure.

Reducing expenses Brokers:

E-commerce helps direct contact between the seller and the buyer and between the seller and the supplier. This reduces or eliminates marketing and distribution expenses. Trade through the Internet helps to reduce transport and communication expenses, and reducing or eliminating the brokerage between the seller and the buyer will enable developing countries to enter foreign markets.

Reduce retail expenses:

E-commerce helps to achieve more effective marketing and less maintenance compared to the traditional trading system where the provision of information to the consumer and reduce the cost of providing services to increase the productivity of the sales team, which helps to expand the circle of permanent sale and achieve more profits This feature is less important in developing countries compared to countries Due to lower wages paid in developing countries.

Knowledge acquisition and transfer of technology to the consumer:

Easy access to the ID through the Internet will accelerate the transfer of technology, which plays an important role in improving productivity, where we note the following:

1. Availability of product price information is intended to increase the bargaining power of small sellers or producers where they will be able to check prices at the nearest market before determining the sale decision at home and abroad.

2. The Internet helps to provide the product with the best information about 7 Figure Cycle & the prices of the two inputs and the best means of training on the production processes and helps the company to improve its position.

3. Electronic commerce helps to reduce the costs of research, marketing and consumer exchange and reduces the prices of the final product.

4. E-commerce and information-based products contribute to reducing communication costs between partners in different geographic regions.

5. The Internet is the best means of communication through a central network, which allows for the exchange of information faster and easier than telephone and fax communication, enabling the state to attract foreign technology.

Impact on the volume of international trade

E-commerce tends to open up markets permanently to sellers and buyers, thus achieving a larger and more diversified trade volume. The following are the main channels of e-commerce impact on international trade.

1. The use of the Internet helps reduce barriers to selling high-skilled services such as insurance and banking services.

2. The Internet helps companies to become multinational companies. Increasing information about companies can enable them to offer in several countries and become multinational. However, this requires providing exhibitors with devices, technologies and communication capabilities that enable them to compete with highly qualified companies in this field. .

3. 7 Figure Cycle Reviews Online Training helps the consumer or seller diversify their needs and help the seller to diversify the product.

Impact on income distribution:

Electronic commerce, through improved flow and use of information, helps to improve capital productivity, which increases the return on capital of labor. The expansion of electronic commerce leads to increased demand for skilled labor to spread information technology and low demand for unskilled labor. Increased regional disparities where Internet services are often concentrated in developing countries in urban areas.

How To Make Money In Forex Without Investment!

In today’s lesson, I will present my vision on a number of key things that helped me start making money from the Forex Master Levels. Perhaps what I would like to mention is not exactly what you want to listen to, because it will not be fun or amusing, In fact, by making some effort and starting to apply some of these ideas, I am sure that you will notice clear changes in both your deliberative thinking and decisions,

Unfortunately, about 80% of the people who read the articles do not finish reading them, so please try to be one of the few who finish reading the articles they are starting to read and this is for your benefit.

You should do all you can to make money from trading, not just what you want to do. It’s often quite different. Always remember the ultimate goal of trading and make sure you see the whole picture constantly. Off the road and fall back into the same trading traps that caused you to lose money.

The following are the main things you have done or changed that have made me move from the category of failed traders to successful traders in the market …

Secret Profit Matrix
Secret Profit Matrix

Use the longer stop loss orders

You can severely tighten your trading positions by using stop loss orders very tightly to keep them within the day-to-day range of the market. You should allow your transactions to breathe, so do not stifle them in that way. Most novice traders place pause orders within the daily moving average, much like donating your money. Check out my article on how to use the right range rate. In addition to this article on how to set and set stop loss orders, they will give you some ideas on how to place stop loss orders strategically while still allowing your deals to breathe freely.

Of course, there is an invisible dilemma, so to speak, where the longer-term stop-loss orders show that you need to reduce the volume of the exchange centers, yet you should not think this is bad for you. Your loss correctly means that you are trading correctly and that you respect the market system. It means that you behave in a logical, not emotional and emotional way. If you trade Secret Profit Matrix Review way long enough, you will earn money and build your own trading record. Traders with proven track records in real-time trading accounts throughout the year will find it less difficult to find the necessary financing or get more money for the trades.

Do not fall into the trap of believing that you can trade on shorter time frames and use the nearest stop loss orders. Certainly, as your performance improves, you will be able to seize the opportunity to enter positions on the 4 hour or hourly charts that do not require a further stop loss. You will not be able to do so successfully for a long period of time if you do not already know how to trade profitably on daily charts and how to place a stop loss order correctly on that time frame.

Do not look at the longer stop loss orders as a drawback, but look at the specific stop loss order (which may be more likely than you would like) correctly as part of a healthy trading process and practice that will ultimately lead you to become a successful trader consistently much faster than If you put orders stop loss emotionally and emotionally caused by greed.

Open fewer trades and keep them longer

Keeping a smaller number of transactions for a longer period may result in more profits, much faster than frequent market and multiple transactions. Big profits are obtained by seizing opportunities to open positions during large price changes and holding them long enough, That way is also a very easy matter of frequent market frequency and means that you do not need a high percentage of winning trades to become profitable because you can make up for a lot of losing trades in one profitable deal.

The more transactions you enter, the more commissions (the difference in price difference between the bid and the ask price) are paid to the brokerage company. Over the rapid trend gainer free download course of the year, these fees accumulate to the extent of any profits you may have earned during that period. When you open fewer trades and hold them for a longer period, you will not pay all those fees to brokerage firms and you still have the opportunity to take advantage of the strong changes in the price of the index.

Trading less means less emotional trading errors such as excessive trading times and leveraging to increase the volume of your trading account. The most important reason why many traders end up losing money is because they inject their money back into the market. After winning a series of deals, you should keep your head up in circulation and be a highly selective person for the deals you choose if you want to make a lot of money, so you make fewer transactions and keep them longer.

Keeping trades open for longer periods gives you the opportunity to take advantage of large changes in the market price. This means that you make money easily from the market and benefit from its strength. Obviously, large price changes and strong trend trends are not repeated all the time, If you know how to trade them, you can make a lot of money with very little of your concern.

One of the ways to take advantage of these big changes and generate a lot of profits is to use the profits to increase the size of your banking positions, usually when you modify the size of the center during the course of the “trend” in your favor, and establish the size of the center of exchange is greater while tracking the stop your loss As the profits of the transaction gradually increase, to find out more, you can check out my article entitled Use of the money earned from transactions to increase profits.

In conclusion, always remember that a good deal at the end of every month or even every two months that keeps it open over several weeks or months may result in more money, and much more returns with less work and stress than the market has been able to get in and out throughout the month.

Atmosphere boredom

People seem to think they need to get too busy with the market so they can make money, but they do it because they feel fun and because it gives them excitement (or maybe they’re addicted to it), not because market trading is profitable.

If you want to get money from Bitcoin Mentor Club trading, you should basically feel bored when you do your trades because you should not be trading in the way you are exposed to so many high surges in your trading balance followed by a steep drop, and do not make the quote confusing you, I do not mean to get rid of I do not mean that you should think that trading is boring. I mean simply that the excitement and enthusiasm of trading should not be due to wrong trading, but rather because it is done in the right way. In other words, you should be excited by trading returns Proper on the run Which means using sound stop-loss orders (if necessary) and be more selective in selecting your trades (trading as the sniper does) and keeping them for longer periods.

How To Choose a Profitable Niche?

How To Choose a Profitable Niche? Niche is a term used to express specialization. For example, if you are thinking of setting up an electronics shop that specializes in selling electrical appliances, this is not a niche. If you are thinking of setting up an electronics shop that specializes in selling air conditioners only, this is the NIC. Niche can be more specialized when you create An electronic shop specializing in selling Samsung air conditioners only, and you can make the NIC very special if you set up an electronic shop specialized in Samsung air conditioners or any of them, this is the concept of Niche brief.

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

How to Choose a Winning Nitech

Of course, in order to be able to choose a profitable niche, you should study the market and know the interests of the customer who will be looking for your 7 Figure Cycle Review online product. Not only the interests, but the size of the audience you will be building a profitable project for you,

1. Determine the target of the Niche

You must determine exactly why you are setting up a specialized site in this field and how you will profit from it, whether by advertising or by selling products or through commission marketing and then drawing up a clear plan to work on the site serving your goals from this niche.

2. Measuring the size of the audience

Before anything you have to study the size of the audience to know whether the net is profitable or not. For example, based on the above example, you decided to specialize in the sale of Samsung air conditioners only and found that the number of potential customers is 100 customers per month, but when I did a search for the public interested in air conditioners found The number of potential customers is 120 per month. When you search for the number of potential customers interested in buying Samsung air conditioners, it is 90 customers per month. Here is the best choice for you. The first result in Google A chance to appear on the first page first result in Nitesh conditioners Samsung air conditioners or Amta.

3 – Find the source of profit

After determining the size of the audience you should search for the best way to benefit from your site when it appeared on the front page in the search engines, for example if you are interested in commission marketing you should make sure that the niche you searched for products that can market commission, or that the Put advertisements for those who like it.

An example of an Arabic nich

On the first page here you can put ads on the site for teeth whitening products or put a banner banner for a hospital or a dispensary by directly communicating with clinics or doctors … etc – there are many similar ideas that

4 – measuring the strength of competition on the keyword

Your main goal is to appear on the front page due to the difficulty of getting to the front page. If you choose the general area of ​​”air conditioners” and build it, you should study the competition for other sites specialized in the same niche that will specialize in identifying the strengths and weaknesses in their positions so that they easily overcome them No. 1 in Google and thus achieve more profits.

Note: All the above steps need SEO tools and complete analysis tools that we will not discuss in this article but in the next lesson we will explain everything in detail in separate articles. You can check the section to learn more about these steps.

5. Create a website and work on improving it
After you have done a full study of your project, you need to create a specialized site. This requires an experience in SEO and an analysis experience in order to improve your site to appear on the front page of Google.

Niche relationship with Seo

Of course, the display of the seo procedures in your site is intended to appear on the first page and in the first result in Google, and until you reach your site on the front page in Google, you need time, effort and great experience if the competition on keywords is difficult, It reduces the competition because of course the specialized sites in the niche less than the public sites and therefore the opportunity to appear and competition on the keyword better because you are basically creating a full site focuses on that word is known as long tail keyword.

 Steps to search for niche

Do a keyword search for the long tail keyword, niche using google keyword planer, kwfinder, semruch, or ahrefs. There are many other tools, including free and paid.

Look for the keyword that has a monthly search rate of more than 2000 searches.

You should look for the strength of the difficulty of the key competition and choose the best result that has a difficulty score of less than 30 mm. There are many tools you can identify here Compare all the words you searched for in terms of the number of monthly searches and the average difficulty of competition and chose the best word with a high monthly search rate and less difficult.
Try to extract more than one word the same way and compile them in a table.

Start by searching for the way you will benefit from your site if you have the first page and choose the best word to achieve the best profit.

Never set up your site in the way that suits you, provided that the terms of the seo are taken into account so that it reaches the first page in less than 3 months and this is done by studying the competition sites first to know how to excel at those sites.