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The Best Way to Lose Weight Super Fast And Easy In 2017

Body weight, a clear indication of the amount of fat accumulated in it; most people want to get agile bodies, so many of the negative effects caused by excess weight that; as it affects the general appearance of the body, causing many diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and affects the skeletal structure and joints, as the cause of many social problems of people, reduces self-confidence, it is also difficult to get suitable for his body sizes, and hampers his mobility.

Because the weight gain, especially excessive tolerate a great deal of negatives, many of the people trying to lose weight in several ways, including asylum diets harsh, or resorting to surgery, most of which cause serious symptoms, it is to perform the suction of fat operations, or making a cut and stapled of the stomach, or a balloon in the stomach mode, or the other; as eating drugs and medicines that reduce weight quickly, but it leads to an imbalance in the body’s hormones, may lead poisoning, so you should pay attention to the need to lose weight healthy ways that do not affect the body.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Ways to lose weight fast

To participate in a sports club, and the practice of physical exercise included the loss of five hundred calories a day; so that the number of lost calories more than the number of calories covered by the individual, and 2 Week Diet System method is guaranteed to lack of two kilograms per week.

Eating less food quantities, avoid foods that are high in calories, especially sweets, fats, and soft drinks, and the reduction of starchy materials, industrial and localities.

Reduce the amount of salt in food, and that sequestration of fluid in the body contributes to, and increase the weight of the person.

The focus of the food on vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, chicken breast without skin, and skimmed dairy products, Almchweh meat and fat, and egg whites.

Drink plenty of water, at least two liters and a half a day at least, with the need to adhere to two glasses of water before each meal, half an hour; where water inhibits appetite, thus eating less food.

Eating too much fruit, especially pineapple and watermelon; because it gives a feeling of fullness, and prevent eating more food, and avoid the tempting foods that provide empty calories, such as candy, ice cream.

Focus on sports as brisk walking, jogging, and swimming; and so it helps to lose large amounts of calories and thus lose weight quickly.

Sleep for eight hours a day at least; because the lack of sleep is a major cause of the accumulation of fat in the body, and the inability to decreased.

Weight loss to sports

Exercise of the main activities that must not without a human life of which, they have the benefits are innumerable, and the benefits of sport to get rid of excess weight, and the treatment of obesity, so we will in this article talking about the most important exercise that will run on Weight loss.

Sports to lose weight

Of the most important exercises that help you lose weight:

Sport bike ride: helping exercises to ride a bike to burn a large amount of calories, ranging from 500 – 1000 calories per hour and depend the amount of calories that are burned in this exercise, riding a bike faster, since doing this exercise very quickly provides the yoga burn zoe bray cotton results of the most effective in getting rid of excess weight, you should do this exercise consistently and regularly, too.

Swimming: help exercises swim to burn the equivalent of 800 calories per hour, is the swimming exercises of the most important exercise to lose weight, because it is the whole body move almost, and these exercises positive psychological effects on the exerciser person, and also contribute to the sport of swimming to get rid of cellulite problems, and work to improve the performance of the work of the heart, preferably swimming performance regularly.

Tennis: help tennis exercises to burn the equivalent of 600 calories per hour, and the benefits of tennis that it is working to improve cardiovascular health, and strengthen the arms and legs in a little period of time, and must practice the sport at a rate of three times a week, so to get the results effective in weight loss.

Sport race or jogging: working jogging to burn the equivalent of 600 calories per hour, this exercise plays a major role in getting rid of excess weight and problems with cellulite in super speed, as this exercise helps to maintain a beautiful and graceful views of the body, and this depends on the degree regularity and continuity in the person doing this exercise.

Walking: walking is working to burn high amount of calories up to about 400 calories per hour, is also working on giving a beautiful texture and curvaceous body, improve digestion, and stimulate the cardiovascular work, and pluses possibility of work at any time and any place, and it is worth mentioning that this exercise requires continuity.

To lose weight effectively should a person work to follow a particular system next exercise in his career, a person who wants to ease the weight he must work to follow a specific diet, such as moving away from high-calorie food intake, and a lot of drinking water, which gives rights a feeling of fullness, hence conclude that the exercise to lose weight must be followed by a change in the lifestyle of the person himself.

What is the extension in Forex?

What Is The Extension In Forex? As a whole wants to master the skill or a career in one of the areas, should everyone wants to become a trader or wants access to the trading and Forex markets world be aware of the various aspects of the foreign exchange market and the laws that govern the basic concepts and terminology used by the participants in this market. In this Step 2 Wealth Review article we will talk about the interest rate on the extension or “roll-over”, which is one of the basic concepts that should be on every trader pairs of foreign currencies to know.

What is the benefit to the extension in the forex market?
Interest on the extension or “rollover” (Rollover Interest) as defined in the foreign exchange markets, the interest rate paid for the Forex trader or deducted from your account when you leave an open position on a particular currency pair after 5:00 pm EST (EST ) of the United States.

Forex Trader
Forex Trader

The amount will be deducted from the money from the trader’s account or add this amount when you leave an open position on a pair in the forex market, the amount of this amount, according to the state that a trader to buy or sell currency is determined. It is known that trading currencies in the forex market is done by couples, meaning that the currency is determined by comparing the value of another currency interview, and when you buy a currency, you are selling the counter currency in the pair. The benefit, therefore the extension is determined by the difference between the ratios of interest in the two states, which pair consists of their currencies. For example, when you leave an open position on the EUR / USD “EUR / USD” after 5:00 EDT proportion of the benefit extension be the difference between the interest rate applicable in the European Union and the proportion of interest rate applicable in the United States.

In most cases it will be deducted or added benefit extension to the trader’s account automatically by the financial intermediary. The Step 2 Wealth mediators in this process to avoid even traders who are mostly speculators in the short term to do the actual delivery of the currencies of the other counterparty in the deal, a process known as “reconciliation.” It is through the settlement must do rolling physical delivery of the currencies of two days of the deal after the other party. Through the process of extension by the financial intermediaries trader can keep an open Bmrakzh without doing the extradition process, because if he had not been the extension will also need rolling the nominal value of the currency, which has traded on delivery.

Looking at the Forex Market – NetoTrade

It will be deducted or added benefit of the extension by the total nominal value and not the value of the user in the transaction margin. For example, if a trader purchased the contract of the currency pair “EUR / USD” worth $ 100,000 will be useful extension to the sum of the contract, or $ 100,000 account, not only the margin used in the deal.

We must understand that the benefit extension unrelated charges the use of financial leverage, because many people confuse the benefit extension and fees calculated on the use of the leverage offered by the broker to the trader to increase its ability to trade many times what he had to check in in the account, but the benefit of extension relating to the difference between the ratios interest in force in the countries where the rolling trading currencies.
Pay and deduct the interest on extension
Or pay interest on the extension deduction depends on the currency component currencies for a couple who bought it rolling and states to which they belong and the interest rate applicable in these countries Is it high or not. For example, if the trader buys the currency pair USD / JPY (US dollar against the Japanese yen) it means that he bought the currency the US dollar and selling currency Japanese yen, and the dollar interest 2 percent compared with 0.5% on the Japanese yen, the rolling It will get the benefit of extending the equivalent of 1.5% (on an annual basis). In the case of a trader to sell the currency pair USD / JPY, ie rolling sold the US dollar and buy the yen it will benefit from the extension of his account which is equal to the difference in interest between the two countries, which are equivalent to 1.5% of the expense ratios rolling discount.

Simply put, the interest will be paid if the trader has bought a currency interest rate in the country to which it belongs is greater than the interest rate in the country to which it belongs counter currency in the pair. This interest will be deducted from it in the case was the interest of the coin, which was bought from the lowest interest rates on the counter currency in the pair ratio. And the interest rate in any country is determined by many factors and economic conditions which are constantly changing depending on economic indicators as percentages of growth and inflation rates.

Because most banks in the world close at the end of the week, any Saturday and Sunday, the interest rate on these two days be applied on Wednesday, that is, in the case of the trader to leave the position open on Wednesday after the 5:00 pm EDT, will be deducted or pay additional benefit for day laborers.

The financial intermediaries operations extension automatically, and traders can see a discount or payment operations with immediate effect on a platform of their own trading account for each deal left open after 5:00 ET.

Learn about Rollover Interest – NetoTrade
Take advantage of the extensions
Traders can take advantage of the extension of operations and increase their profits, which included traders interest rates in the criteria to make their decisions for circulation to achieve the greatest possible use. The so some traders to daily (Day traders) to leave their positions open after 5:00 pm Eastern time the United States to take advantage of the benefit extension when buying a currency with a high interest rate compared to the same currency in the pair. The traders also “swing” and investors to buy high interest rate currency only to take advantage of the benefit extension.

In addition, the trader can in case it is expected that the price of a currency will not move in the direction that he wants and will remain fluctuate accidentally during this year, you can take advantage of the interest rate differential between the currencies of the pair. For example, if the investor has purchased a pair EUR / JPY (euro against the yen) and is expected to end the year at the same level, will be able to make a profit through the use of financial leverage, usefulness to extend the equivalent of 2% will result in a gain of 20% if the lever used financial equal to 10: 1. This may also cause a loss to the Forex trader if he bought the currency low utility ratio means it will lose 2% or 20% in the case of the use of financial leverage.

The Impact Of New Laws On Financial Traded Funds

The Impact Of New Laws On Financial Traded Funds For many years investors to keep their money in money market funds, these funds that provide assets with a return on short-term, enable investors to buy its assets for $ 1 each asset. 100K Factory Revolution Review Investors prefer to individuals investing in these financial funds because they offer returns in the short term the greatest returns offered by bank deposits. But the global financial crisis of 2008, increased the US Securities and Markets Authority fears of the impact of these funds on the markets in the event of another financial crisis.

What made this body, which is the largest organization of capital markets staff in the United States to enact a set of new laws during 2016, which will do starting from the month of October of the same year. Among the most prominent new procedures to cancel the base “of $ 1” provided most of the cash financial funds, so that the price of the underlying will change depending on variables and market conditions, as well as some fees and commissions that will be added in the case of an investor wanted to withdraw his money in bad market conditions.


Financial cash funds
Monetary and financial funds, also known as the cash market, are investment funds that invest in assets with short-term income securities, bonds of US Treasury trading and securities tradable unsecured and with a fixed maturity repayment period from one day to 270 days. Investors these financial funds and is considered safe assets with a greater return of deposits offered by commercial banks. The total assets in this market of 2.7 thousand billion dollars in the United States of America.

Financial cash funds designed to reduce exposure to losses resulting from loans and market risk and liquidity risk. These investment funds are subject to the control of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)). And investing in high-security loans and financial instruments that are maturing less than 270 days.

After the global financial crisis of 2008 and the securities markets and US regulatory bodies and other body began by making Takovadtha of these funds and their ability to destabilize financial markets in the event of a financial crisis. To start so these bodies starting in 2014, new laws governing the transactions and investment funds in the financial cash.

Traded Index and the effect of the new laws funds
ETFs, known in the world of financial markets, the symbol ETF (exchange-traded fund), is an investment fund traded on stock markets, in the same way in which the stock trading. Each fund tracks the price range of shares or bonds movement, or the price of a particular commodity. Most ETFs are tracking the movement of the stock market indices, as well as certain sectors of the stock and bond market indices. These funds, attract a lot of investors because the United Trading Network Review investment cost little compared to other financial instruments, and take advantage of tax concessions may sometimes up to full exemption.

The age of the new rules by the Securities and Exchange Commission relating to monetary and financial funds, which will take effect from mid-October 2016, aims to reduce risk by trying to prevent investors from closing their positions in time unit in the event of a crisis. But these new laws has not received satisfaction of investors and fund managers who invest in money market assets with short-term returns. Which may be a positive factor for some ETFs that may be a refuge for those affected by the new laws investor funds. The most important ETFs that could benefit from the new rules issued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission are the following funds:

– SPDR Barclays 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF (BIL): indicators fund trader with a return in the short term, is to invest in US Treasury bonds for shorter maturities or equal to 3 months. Of the fund value of $ 1.6 billion, and at a cost of 0.14% of the amount invested, or $ 14 for each $ 10,000 invested. The yield on the fund and arrive at the current time on the 0.13% on a monthly basis.

– IShares Short Treasury Bond ETF (SHV): indicators fund trader with a return in the short term, is to invest in US Treasury bonds with a maturity of up to 12 months. This fund provides financial back up to 0.30% on a monthly basis. While worth $ 3.4 billion in terms of total assets with a cost of 0.15% in.

– Goldman Sachs Treasury Access 0-1 Year ETF (GBIL): indicators fund trader with a return in the short term, is to invest in US Treasury bonds like “T-notes” and “T-bills” bonds that are maturing less than 12 months. The cost of investing in this fund 0.14% while the value of the total assets of $ 20 million.
– Guggenheim Enhanced Short Duration ETF (GSY): traded fund indices with a return in the short term, of the value of total assets under management of $ 907 million and seeks to outperform Treasuries Index “Barclays Capital 1-3 Month U.S. Treasury Bill Index”. This fund will invest in a wide range of fixed-income financial instruments, like financial commercial paper and bank loans, with the period of entitlement to an average of 15 months, while the cost of investment in the fund of 0.25% with a return of 1.13% on a monthly basis.

PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Active ETF (MINT): current indications fund a return in the short term is worth the total assets under management of $ 4.9 billion, and aims to achieve a higher proportion of middle-profits offered by financial funds cash dividends, and by investing in loans short-term and high-quality. The cost of investing in this financial fund of 0.25% with a return of 1.13% on a monthly basis.

– FlexShares Ready Access Variable Income Fund (RAVI): Fund current indicators is return on short-term value of the total assets it manages $ 98 million. The fund invests in the same outbound investment feature of the US Treasury and the governments of other countries, as well as to invest in corporate bonds loans. The cost of investing in this fund 0.25% with a yield of 0.75% on a monthly basis.

The Renfrew Ferry

Welcome To The Renfrew Ferry Website. The trade since the beginning of the human Before Ask money on the principle of a clear-cut is Swap. Because they swap at the time being by giving the goods and receipt of Everything Else in the public markets or street to the goal of eating and living, it is today thanks to the technological development taking place has become a place in the financial and electronic markets and exchanges free for the sole purpose is financial gain.

The Renfrew Ferry
The Renfrew Ferry

We recall, for counting is not limited to the types of exchanges: energy exchanges, silver, agricultural crops, gold, oil, bonds and equities … but the most important and most common is the currency, which is characterized by Technical Analysis gain immediate and rapid access to the money and activity without stopping Stock Exchange; the Trading in the financial market is about $4 trillion a day on average.

Trading on the currency definition:

Currency trading is an economic term common in the circles of the financial markets mainly aims to achieve a profit, and is trading in the currency win trade on the stock market, because of the rapid fluctuations that occur in the field of currency value ranging from bullishness to bearishness, or vice versa. To know trading on the currency enough to put at the forefront the fundamental principle of trading under a barter any swap currency to another currency differs in value. For example, that the euro will trade in US dollars ..

It is determined by the price of the currency in the market as the price of the currency . The first currency “base currency” while we call the name “currency interview” on the second currency. The currency pair is called a husband who required amount of counter currency appears to buy all the units of the base currency. Consequently, the currency pair give rise for one unit can be traded by buying or selling. It is the same principle upon which the banking and Rubix Project broker firms in the sense that you buy a particular currency, taking advantage of the decrease in value and then sell those taking advantage of the currency rise in value, and here you have to take advantage of the buying and selling price difference.

Currency pairs and most swap:

Fluctuating exchange rates between the ups and downs, which would be reassuring and just a sense of fear when investors in the commercial and financial activities and ensures a profit -manma was Sgara- investor in the currency, so they doubled the next two to prepare on this trade and various global nationalities, leading to mind one the largest and fastest-commerce sectors in the free market profit by experts the world economy.

The dollar, euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, and Zar – South Africa more currency swap.

As more couples mutual They are respectively: US Dollar Trading / EUR, USD / CHF, GBP / USD, USD / JPY. Is: The US dollar / Canadian dollar, Alazar- South Africa / US dollar pair traded at least

Of trading on the currency types:

Trading on Futures
This is by trading future price possible, depending on the data and information on current and future currency at hand movement in the markets.
Real Time Trading
Currency rates vary between time and again in this kind of exchange, should be rolling up a second Alasarthanih quickly, so you may end up holding several operations in one day

Options trading
Already being planned in this trading before entering the currency market with the determination of the profit and loss ratio that can be tolerated before the start of Alamlah.oimitlk rolling here the right to sell or buy the deal even before the expiration date of a third party it is available in trading futures contracts.


Tesler APP Trading on the short term: Due to the vagaries of the market, exposed Alosaarelltraja the short term, then create fluctuations in the price action and the logic of the price, so the bullish trends constitute the high and low altitudes. It trader can stop losses below a certain point if the drawing upward did not continue in the same direction, in this case a trader can get out of the deal with minimal use leverage, or choose a strategy is suitable also. So it is trading on the charts in the short term day trader in the management and confront those risks gauge.

Trading on the long term: not a short-term trading process the most ideal for the road
For new traders to start. He prefers to get up schemes and methods in the long run due to being more tolerant, and they can then pass to a faster time frames when you gain enough experience in the deliberation of any trading in the long term.

Exchange market:

The exchange rate is basically the rate or swap ratio of one currency to another currency in the context of a specific Zamani,
And appoints the exchange rate of a currency exchange in the free market country every day alone, since there is no stability of the exchange rate between the local currency and foreign currency or any type of currency.

On Renfrew Ferry, subject to the exchange rate of the logic of the vagaries of supply and demand in the market, without the intervention of the country’s authorities a range of factors control the vagaries of supply and demand on the one hand and economic and monetary indicators for countries on the other hand, such as the different needs of traders in the market authority, the financial liquidity available at that time, the size of the margin, Standard price and directional market.