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The Renfrew Ferry

Welcome To The Renfrew Ferry Website. The trade since the beginning of the human Before Ask money on the principle of a clear-cut is Swap. Because they swap at the time being by giving the goods and receipt of Everything Else in the public markets or street to the goal of eating and living, it is today thanks to the technological development taking place has become a place in the financial and electronic markets and exchanges free for the sole purpose is financial gain.

The Renfrew Ferry
The Renfrew Ferry

We recall, for counting is not limited to the types of exchanges: energy exchanges, silver, agricultural crops, gold, oil, bonds and equities … but the most important and most common is the currency, which is characterized by Technical Analysis gain immediate and rapid access to the money and activity without stopping Stock Exchange; the Trading in the financial market is about $4 trillion a day on average.

Trading on the currency definition:

Currency trading is an economic term common in the circles of the financial markets mainly aims to achieve a profit, and is trading in the currency win trade on the stock market, because of the rapid fluctuations that occur in the field of currency value ranging from bullishness to bearishness, or vice versa. To know trading on the currency enough to put at the forefront the fundamental principle of trading under a barter any swap currency to another currency differs in value. For example, that the euro will trade in US dollars ..

It is determined by the price of the currency in the market as the price of the currency . The first currency “base currency” while we call the name “currency interview” on the second currency. The currency pair is called a husband who required amount of counter currency appears to buy all the units of the base currency. Consequently, the currency pair give rise for one unit can be traded by buying or selling. It is the same principle upon which the banking and Rubix Project broker firms in the sense that you buy a particular currency, taking advantage of the decrease in value and then sell those taking advantage of the currency rise in value, and here you have to take advantage of the buying and selling price difference.

Currency pairs and most swap:

Fluctuating exchange rates between the ups and downs, which would be reassuring and just a sense of fear when investors in the commercial and financial activities and ensures a profit -manma was Sgara- investor in the currency, so they doubled the next two to prepare on this trade and various global nationalities, leading to mind one the largest and fastest-commerce sectors in the free market profit by experts the world economy.

The dollar, euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, and Zar – South Africa more currency swap.

As more couples mutual They are respectively: US Dollar Trading / EUR, USD / CHF, GBP / USD, USD / JPY. Is: The US dollar / Canadian dollar, Alazar- South Africa / US dollar pair traded at least

Of trading on the currency types:

Trading on Futures
This is by trading future price possible, depending on the data and information on current and future currency at hand movement in the markets.
Real Time Trading
Currency rates vary between time and again in this kind of exchange, should be rolling up a second Alasarthanih quickly, so you may end up holding several operations in one day

Options trading
Already being planned in this trading before entering the currency market with the determination of the profit and loss ratio that can be tolerated before the start of Alamlah.oimitlk rolling here the right to sell or buy the deal even before the expiration date of a third party it is available in trading futures contracts.


Tesler APP Trading on the short term: Due to the vagaries of the market, exposed Alosaarelltraja the short term, then create fluctuations in the price action and the logic of the price, so the bullish trends constitute the high and low altitudes. It trader can stop losses below a certain point if the drawing upward did not continue in the same direction, in this case a trader can get out of the deal with minimal use leverage, or choose a strategy is suitable also. So it is trading on the charts in the short term day trader in the management and confront those risks gauge.

Trading on the long term: not a short-term trading process the most ideal for the road
For new traders to start. He prefers to get up schemes and methods in the long run due to being more tolerant, and they can then pass to a faster time frames when you gain enough experience in the deliberation of any trading in the long term.

Exchange market:

The exchange rate is basically the rate or swap ratio of one currency to another currency in the context of a specific Zamani,
And appoints the exchange rate of a currency exchange in the free market country every day alone, since there is no stability of the exchange rate between the local currency and foreign currency or any type of currency.

On Renfrew Ferry, subject to the exchange rate of the logic of the vagaries of supply and demand in the market, without the intervention of the country’s authorities a range of factors control the vagaries of supply and demand on the one hand and economic and monetary indicators for countries on the other hand, such as the different needs of traders in the market authority, the financial liquidity available at that time, the size of the margin, Standard price and directional market.