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A New Era Of Leadership

A New Era Of Leadership Attempts to blame coming in from all over the world, the financial crisis has provoked considerable debate about who should take the blame, which led to the emergence of a lot of negative feelings towards the decision-makers Omnia Investments. The leadership, which was recently signed away from accountability has now found itself vulnerable to sharp criticism of the presumed what has been termed the “post-crisis world” of responsibility. Amid all of that emotion, it will not do any attempt to deny that the blame can sometimes be justified. As well as the changes that have to be made to overcome the logical doubts.

The new economic climate puts businesses in front of new challenges but at the same time carries with it countless opportunities, as many claim that the current period represents a defining moment for companies if they want to create value. It is here, amid the confusion surrounding the post-recession period, dating back to attention once again looking towards the summit waiting for guidance, and researcher for inspiration and confidence that they seem to have lost long ago. Thus, the leaders of companies today are faced with what appears as a crisis identity, where they became torn between having to act quickly and at the same time enjoy the utmost vigilance so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Having saddled their shoulders the burden of added responsibilities, the leadership of the family business does not represent an exception in this case; Despite the thought that they are the least affected by the crisis, decisions that they make are affected by Omnia APP Scam competition and dynamic business fractured change.


As a start, we are entitled to ask the question whether it was necessary to change the leadership of the company in any case or not. Experts say that after we have seen countless cases of declining regional economic activity and a few cases of the economic downturn on the global level, despite finding similarities, we are still unable to identify repeated patterns. Thus, we will change our behavior to make any difference at all? We must ask ourselves, if the issue of our inability to predict the form or format following the economic downturn will make our behavior analysis and we have learned from our mistakes is to no avail.

The public opinion, taking into account the facts that unfold every day, apparently a supporter of the need for the leaders of the companies in some soul-searching. However, many family businesses in the Arab world survived the worst consequences of the financial crisis. Some allege that the interpretation of this phenomenon is that the leaders of family businesses tend to adopt long-term trends and therefore they have a very cautious investment strategy. Thus, if we take into account that they came out relatively of the crisis, the question remains why the leaders of Omnia APP family businesses must change from the ground up?

The answer is obvious: Despite the we may not be able to predict when the next similar shock that hit the world economy, the leaders of family businesses still have to deal with the present, where the post-crisis world, which offers them a competitive arena entirely different, and carries with it new challenges and opportunities . At a time when the leaders of the companies forming the economic our climate, are they themselves are affected by many factors and responsibilities, for which they need to put them in mind during the day they make their decisions. We even have any risks by saying that the burden, in fact, on the shoulders of the leaders of family businesses may have been bigger than those imposed on the leaders of the regular joint stock companies.

And even show the size and complexity of the challenges, and at the same time the opportunities in front of you, the leaders of family businesses dimensional and responsibilities that affect the leaders and that must be taken into account when thinking about the issue of change:

Multiple roles

Leaders of family businesses play often three-dimensional role of responsibility; they are not responsible and by all management, but have also part of the company to say the least, and equally important, you may be enjoying the status of a task in the family unless they already deans of their families. Experience has shown the impossibility of a complete separation between these roles and responsibilities in spite of all efforts. In spite of this, it is still possible to achieve a lot through good governance systems, one of the responsibilities that need to give top priority in corporate governance.


Leadership within the framework of the family firm draws attention to human resources. In order to cope with the troubled global economy it becomes necessary to assemble the strongest possible team of experts to assist the leaders of the company. The issue of the appointment a difficult issue, despite the large abundance now in the number of skilled employees who have become redundant need for companies by the crisis. Moreover, the leaders of family businesses need to deal with the expectations of family members and the issue of migrant education and training. There are new generations are flocking to the family business, they may have different ideas of technology and progress, and may be in their imagination to imagine a different future for the company. The mission of the family company commander to evaluate new developments objectively as much as possible, and to encourage new initiatives while at the same time on the core family values.

Dealing with the company’s image

The reliance on the family name alone has become difficult with the increasing invasion of globalization and international competition at the expense of regional features. It must be directed towards the leadership capacity to maintain, at the same time enhance the image of the family business in the eyes of the outside world. It’s important to cherish and take pride in what we have gained the reputation over the previous time periods, but the competition with international companies require us to use textured planning external communications and to avoid dissemination of inaccurate information, whether in the media or through the business community method.

Strengthen the communication process

External communication is only one of the aspects that the leaders of family businesses always need to put it into account. It comes on the equally important contact at the domestic level. The quality of communication is a key factor for the continuity of the family business. The rapid growth that has occurred on technology to increase the size of the gaps between the different generations have contributed. And leaders of family businesses need to take into account these differences, where they constitute a great danger threatening cases of misunderstanding, whereas if it is handled well, it provides greater opportunities.

Maintaining the values ​​and renewal at the same time

One of the biggest challenges faced by leaders of family businesses is the spirit of innovation while maintaining the core values ​​of their families at the same time. The loss of family values ​​imply the loss of value of their reputation and status, which would affect the company at all levels. However, most importantly, to family values ​​is a kind of internal link or serves as an implicit guidance for family members as well as employees from outside the family. The preservation of these values ​​meant to strengthen the company’s identity.


In fact, the question of leadership is essentially a question of the stability of the principle, or what we call the lack of a double standard. No one expects to be the leader of infallible, there is no us of it as well. However, the role of leadership implies an inevitable and automatic guidance and inspiration. Consistency is an important issue, as a respected those who can defend their decisions and bear the consequences. It turns firm on principle, not only through words but mostly through acts: Who will defend those who followed him? Who applied against the reward at a time when the rest lose their jobs? It is a question of consistency between what is said and done and then it comes to the integrity of the person who sits alone at the top. Although we may tend to think that companies are only machines to pump money, and that we must from time to time to reduce their expenditures, we are all aware that the company manage its meaning dealing with human beings of different orientations and visions, even if they belong to the same family. It is becoming increasingly difficult to continue to focus on long-term goals within a rapidly changing environment and rotation.

Although it is certain that the issue of revision of the leadership strategy when someone ordered varies from case to case, the fact that the current climate needs strong leaders companies have a lot of visions of the enlightened and the ability and the capability to expand their horizons. No longer the complexities of the global economy will allow the decision-maker to assume full responsibility alone. And knowledge required for enlightened leadership, which is to know you can not expect its presence in possession of a single person, you must acquire a collective effort and directing them to keep the companies in the long term. Hence, one can say that the new era of leadership motto that the leaders of corporate performance, whether it is family-owned businesses or otherwise, will be subject to the performance of those around them quality.