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How To Choose a Profitable Niche?

How To Choose a Profitable Niche? Niche is a term used to express specialization. For example, if you are thinking of setting up an electronics shop that specializes in selling electrical appliances, this is not a niche. If you are thinking of setting up an electronics shop that specializes in selling air conditioners only, this is the NIC. Niche can be more specialized when you create An electronic shop specializing in selling Samsung air conditioners only, and you can make the NIC very special if you set up an electronic shop specialized in Samsung air conditioners or any of them, this is the concept of Niche brief.

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

How to Choose a Winning Nitech

Of course, in order to be able to choose a profitable niche, you should study the market and know the interests of the customer who will be looking for your 7 Figure Cycle Review online product. Not only the interests, but the size of the audience you will be building a profitable project for you,

1. Determine the target of the Niche

You must determine exactly why you are setting up a specialized site in this field and how you will profit from it, whether by advertising or by selling products or through commission marketing and then drawing up a clear plan to work on the site serving your goals from this niche.

2. Measuring the size of the audience

Before anything you have to study the size of the audience to know whether the net is profitable or not. For example, based on the above example, you decided to specialize in the sale of Samsung air conditioners only and found that the number of potential customers is 100 customers per month, but when I did a search for the public interested in air conditioners found The number of potential customers is 120 per month. When you search for the number of potential customers interested in buying Samsung air conditioners, it is 90 customers per month. Here is the best choice for you. The first result in Google A chance to appear on the first page first result in Nitesh conditioners Samsung air conditioners or Amta.

3 – Find the source of profit

After determining the size of the audience you should search for the best way to benefit from your site when it appeared on the front page in the search engines, for example if you are interested in commission marketing you should make sure that the niche you searched for products that can market commission, or that the Put advertisements for those who like it.

An example of an Arabic nich

On the first page here you can put ads on the site for teeth whitening products or put a banner banner for a hospital or a dispensary by directly communicating with clinics or doctors … etc – there are many similar ideas that

4 – measuring the strength of competition on the keyword

Your main goal is to appear on the front page due to the difficulty of getting to the front page. If you choose the general area of ​​”air conditioners” and build it, you should study the competition for other sites specialized in the same niche that will specialize in identifying the strengths and weaknesses in their positions so that they easily overcome them No. 1 in Google and thus achieve more profits.

Note: All the above steps need SEO tools and complete analysis tools that we will not discuss in this article but in the next lesson we will explain everything in detail in separate articles. You can check the section to learn more about these steps.

5. Create a website and work on improving it
After you have done a full study of your project, you need to create a specialized site. This requires an experience in SEO and an analysis experience in order to improve your site to appear on the front page of Google.

Niche relationship with Seo

Of course, the display of the seo procedures in your site is intended to appear on the first page and in the first result in Google, and until you reach your site on the front page in Google, you need time, effort and great experience if the competition on keywords is difficult, It reduces the competition because of course the specialized sites in the niche less than the public sites and therefore the opportunity to appear and competition on the keyword better because you are basically creating a full site focuses on that word is known as long tail keyword.

 Steps to search for niche

Do a keyword search for the long tail keyword, niche using google keyword planer, kwfinder, semruch, or ahrefs. There are many other tools, including free and paid.

Look for the keyword that has a monthly search rate of more than 2000 searches.

You should look for the strength of the difficulty of the key competition and choose the best result that has a difficulty score of less than 30 mm. There are many tools you can identify here Compare all the words you searched for in terms of the number of monthly searches and the average difficulty of competition and chose the best word with a high monthly search rate and less difficult.
Try to extract more than one word the same way and compile them in a table.

Start by searching for the way you will benefit from your site if you have the first page and choose the best word to achieve the best profit.

Never set up your site in the way that suits you, provided that the terms of the seo are taken into account so that it reaches the first page in less than 3 months and this is done by studying the competition sites first to know how to excel at those sites.

Golden tips for successful and effective Twitter marketing

Golden tips for successful and effective Twitter marketing

If you do not use Twitter to connect with customers and marketing, you should review the topic. Twitter on the famous social networking site is a powerful force in the business world.
Here we will give you some tips to master the art of Twitter marketing according to the Entrepreneur website:
1 – Twitter is not limited to just the titles and links:
We may not have enough time to write, but that does not mean that we are limited to writing the title or link, but we have to write a small paragraph to indicate the goal, or help to thrill the news.
2 – mastering the use of expressive symbol @:
Using @ is one of the highlights of Twitter. Where the placement of @ makes a big difference in meaning and the Digital Cash Academy way to get reactions.

Digital Cash Academy
Digital Cash Academy

3 – Know and love your tag:
The idea is to use a suitable, meaningful and meaningful Hashtag to help people search for a topic rather than just a series of words.
4 – Quality and not Quantity:
To ensure that you get the most followers you have to pay attention to the quality of the topics, not the number.
5 – Be patient:
The process of getting a number of followers does not come easily so you have to be patient, follow prominent people and re-Twitter and mentioned the content of high value.
6. To be effective:
Being an active member of Twitter is one of the most important things to ensure your survival. By staying alert to what others are twittering, re-twittering and responding to Twitter.
7. Avoid access to a dark area:
You should pay attention to times when people are more likely to be on Twitter. They are often from 8 am to 8 pm.
It’s crazy to post tweets, for example, at 4 am The overwhelming majority of your audience is not logged in, so your tweets will not have a large number of impressions and reasonable interactions.
It is necessary to publish at peak times and to offer a reasonable number of tweets and not a flood of which monitors can not monitor all and interact with them.
8. Monitor Twitter data intelligently:
You can use Twitter to evaluate your brand and learn about its strengths and weaknesses and where it’s most popular.
9. Be effective with photos and videos:
Using words and links is a good thing, but be sure to add images and videos to your Tweets that give the most followers.
10 – Use the crowfire application
The application of crowfire of the most important and best applications on mobile to manage your account on Twitter and Instagram, it helps you to increase your followers daily by 100 real observers daily and also helps you to know the true followers and those who follow you and those who do not follow it and can work white lists and black The most important advantages are the work of a message Automatic response to each new follower for you

11. Provide additional value to followers.
There are a lot of Twitter accounts in your domain that publish almost the same content and provide valuable tweets for followers.
You are required to be unique in your style and to submit a variety of tweets in terms of content, whether it is textual or written, accompanied by a link to your Digital Cash Academy Review site or written in full.
12. Take advantage of events for your brand.
I remember that last year when iPhone 6 Plus was released and was suffering from a bending flaw, it caused a great deal of fuss about technology sites and the web in general, which companies cleverly exploited on social networks.
Kate Kat was one of the companies that took advantage of this event by posting her famous adage that her product does not bend but break!
The twinkle as we note it is integrated with 2 Hachtagat then was very follow-up and related to the event.
13. Interact with followers as quickly as possible.
The signals coming from followers’ accounts to ask a specific question or talk about your organization require you to make an urgent and resolute decision.
Inquiries in this case must be answered clearly and in short and it is good to add it to the Favorites, this pleased followers.
Of course, you have to respond to queries and comments that are cleverly provocative and away from violent retaliation or even ignoring.
14. Configure your account to show your Tweets in search results.
Profile picture and a detailed profile with the website link and provide the rest of the required information that will show your personal account as genuine and credible.
For the Twitter algorithm, tweets that are published from trusted accounts and those that have a long, well-configured history appear more than those that are published on fake or uninitial accounts.
We now offer you steps to ensure successful marketing for your Twitter account:
For the first step: start-up phase
1 – Choose a special name for your company account on Twitter, taking into account the ease of the name and clarity
2 – Choose a good format for your company profile on Twitter with a good selection of pictures and colors in line with the colors of the company.
3 – Write a short and clear brief about the company with no more than 160 characters.
Step 2: Build a special environment in the company’s domain on Twitter
4 – Search for customers and follow them and communicate with them.
5. Start publishing topics.
6 – Pay attention to follow up those who follow your company account on Twitter
7 – Publish your company account on other social media channels such as “Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Website”.
8. Create lists in your company’s Twitter account.
Step Three: Increase the interaction phase of your company’s Twitter account
9. Set fixed times to post topics on your company’s Twitter account.
10 – the effective and effective use of the crown of the crown “Hashtag”.
11. Keep your Twitter clear and small.
12. Optimal use of images.
13 – Publish multiple tweets and many during the day.
14- Organize your twitter schedules by calculating your Digital Cash Academy company on Twitter by using its tool like “Tweetdeck”.
15 – the stage of measuring the success of steps of all of the above using tools such as “Ritetag, Buffer.”
Step Four: Promote business to your company account on Twitter
16. Build a community around your trade name.
17- Convert a large percentage of your personal Tweets into Twitter.
18 – Make the content easy and simple and clear for easy circulation among your followers.
19 – Create competitions on your company account on Twitter, which increases the interaction of your followers and increase their number.
20- Be the best in your customer service.

 In addition to the above, make sure to shorten the links you publish to your account and keep away from annoying those who post the same tweets around the clock.

How To Turn Your Blog Readers Into Customers

Creating a blog that is very popular, is no longer a fantasy these days. There is a lot of evidence on the Internet that can guide you to do LurnSummit professionally. If you are truly committed to it, you will not have the right to specialize in marketing through social networks and promotional means. It is now easy.

But the hardest part of blogging is generating a positive return on your investment.

Over the past 7 years I have created 4 blogs. Each of these blogs has never exceeded 20,000 visitors per month, but also – and most importantly – many visitors have turned into clients in the different types of business I do.

What I have learned over the past 7 years is that the most difficult part of this process is to enhance the profitability of blogging. It is harder. Even harder to bring visitors to the blog, but I feel that I have a well-functioning equation. Succeed with you, as you succeeded with us in digital business.

Free consultation

If you have a product or service, you must keep in mind the obligation to make free consultation. These web meetings are not a requirement only for the product or service you provide, but instead, this advice should be about adding benefits and value to your target customers .

For example ..

Although we sell integrated solutions and designs to customers on Digital Business, we are constantly maintaining a web conferencing session on the marketing of different products / services related to our product, as if our customer were a marketer like us.

By giving them useful information about what marketing is, we build confidence and brand, which in turn leads to more customers and more subscriptions to our site.

Call for action

There are a thousand ways you can bring visitors from your blog to your main site, and the easiest way to do it is to call for action. There are 4 ways of effective calls to take a particular action, which you can easily use:

Lurn Summit
Lurn Summit

Add a bar at the top of the site: You can create a nice simple bar, orange – or any color you prefer – and place it in the top posts you write on your blog. In this interesting bar, you can place any message or invitation to take action that you want to tell your blog visitors to interact with. For example, you might write in this bar, “Learn how the World of Technology increases your visitors’ rate by 30% in 60 days.” If people click on the message at the bar, visitors are redirected to a landing page prepared for them. Page The sales letter I want to deliver to them, and turn them into my clients, both actual and potential customers. 7.53% of our readers click on the message placed at the top of the browser.

Link Link Navigation: By placing the previous bar you can include a link pointing to a page in your company’s website or even the companies of others.
Static (Inactive): In the sidebar of my blog, we place a static ad in which we display our products or third-party products. This ad is clicked at 3.94%.

Scrolling Ad: A new technique of advertising that is added to your blog. It is a scrolling ad where readers of your blog can drag the mouse wheel down to read the rest of the post. I got a 2.58% click on this ad. Provided that a side ad does not cover what the visitor reads, so that it does not become an annoying ad.

Although it seems that calling for action does not bring much interaction, but when you combine, you find that they make up about 15% of all visitors. In the end, these conversions are converted into a 5-digit monthly income, in the amount you offer to your customer. This is not the interest you accrue from the relationship you build with your customer for life, and the amount of your conversion to the purchase from you again.

Cases of study

If you’re targeting other companies as an initial type of customer for you, case studies are a great way to bring customers to your business. There are a few ways you can view this as follows:

Give up on the farm: The purpose here is not to secretly conceal your new customers from your old customers .. The cases of study you have passed which has a good conversion rate, are those that must be mentioned in detail. Make your customers feel like you’re blowing your own secrets in your work, so people can understand how your business is doing. Make sure you include a photo or video with a thank you note from the customer you’ve already signed up with. Then the most important point .. Sell your product or service while viewing the study cases on the new customer.

Promote your case studies: The easiest way to promote your case studies is to include them in a blog post. Just make sure they are useful to your readers, by teaching them something new. You can even put your study case in the sidebar and refer to it as an internal link to the blog, as I do on my site, or show it by highlighting it on the home page of your blog just like I do. Because I show my study cases in these two areas, I get 3.7% of my visitors on this link, but 4.19% of those visitors turn into customers and deals.

special offers

One of the easiest ways to turn your readers into customers is to give them a special offer, by writing a special post that gives you a special discount, or a bundle of products in one package, and you’ll find quite a few of them.

We have found that the best way to make good deals is to put a package of products in one package. For example, you can choose 4 customers / companies, and offer the same product to them at a discounted price to be bought together at the same time. The best part of this is to show you the deal on your blog – about the 4 companies – and ask them to show the subject in their blogs, and in this way you get the common support of your regular audience who follows your business, and the audience of those 4 companies.

Usually, the conversion rate for these deals depends mainly on the nature of your offer and the price, but to give yourself a sense of the power of conversions, you should at least make 10 deals with your readers, assuming that your visitors exceed 10,000 new visitors per month . If you can not achieve that, it means that your offer is not good enough.

Group email addresses

Our favorite way of converting our blog into a money-making machine is through e-mail. This process takes a lot of time and requires more effort, but its conversion rate is much higher than the previous rates.

Now let’s begin by learning about the suggested ways to collect email addresses from your blog:

Popup boxes: By activating a tool such as marketing a box, it is possible to register your mailing list from 1% to 3% of your blog readers.

Sidebar: By setting the registration form in the sidebar, you can convert from 0.5% to 2% of your blog readers to subscribers in your mailing list.

Your posts: At the end of each post, you can set up a subscription form in your mailing list, and you know that from 0.75% to 2% of your readers turn to subscribers in your mailing list using Lurn Virtual Summit method only.

I know very well that the percentages listed above vary greatly from user to user, but basically it depends on the number of ways you use the dialog box that invites subscribers to subscribe to your mailing list. It is better to give them an instant gift to give them in return for taking their e-mail. For example, an e-book, a free subscription to a paid site, a trial version of a new program, etc. Using such a stimulus, there is no doubt that the rate of conversion from readers to subscribers will increase significantly.

Once you get the e-mail of your blog’s clients, you’ll need to create a mailing plan that will be ready and ready for your site according to its nature. The e-mail plan usually consists of 3-7 emails and is automatically sent to subscribers according to a schedule related to the time the subscriber subscribed to the mailing list. With services like MailChimp, Aweber, or SendGrid, you can simply create such a table. With this valuable list of emails, you can communicate with your readers – your potential customers – and give them free information and promotions, and with time you’ll be able to sell a lot to them.

The skilled menu can convert 5% of your readers to customers. If you collect 100 emails, buy 5 of them, you will be the winner. If you feel uncomfortable writing the e-mails that will be sent to your mailing list subscribers, you can hire someone who is more efficient than you to do this professionally.

The main key to the art of writing e-mails using the art of Copywriting needs at first to learn well first, then build confidence Second, at this stage, do not waste your time .. Start sales immediately, and you can not do this to write only some e-mails , And by trial you can sell in the seventh letter from the beginning, since it is difficult to do such actions before the seventh letter.


Blogging can turn into a highly profitable process, just focus on turning your readers into actual customers. Once you convert them to customers, you know that after a period of time, 50% of your sales will be from these existing customers, that is, you will win a permanent customer over the years, as long as you meet a certain quality standard.

I usually wait until I have at least 10,000 readers a month, and I do not have a blog with less than that number, despite the fact that this is causing me a financial overload. The cost of maintaining the blog is more than the cost of the Lurn Summit income I get at the beginning To up to 10,000 readers.

Now let me learn from you ..

Do you know any way you can boost the profitability of your blog?

I would be happy if you would like to tell me the comments.

Learn Build Earn Review By Mark Ling SCAM Or REAL Program?

Learn Build Earn Review By Mark Ling SCAM Or REAL Program? Sale and marketing of goods The issue of selling goods, promoting or marketing them is a concern for many traders who always aspire to be distinguished in their trade and business. Marketing is the process that traders do through different means and methods in order to constantly identify the customer or buyer with the benefits and features of the commodity to be sold, Marketing is an analytical study of the market with its various components of product, customer, marketing environment and so on. It is often repeated in people’s tongues when they want to judge the failure of a trader or employer to say that he could not market himself. And many people wonder about the modern marketing methods followed by successful companies in order to market their products and ensure the continued sale of the product in the market and ensure the satisfaction of the customer, and these modern methods include:

Modern Marketing Methods

The direct methods of selling and marketing where selling men knocking on the doors of customers to market the products they want to sell, and this method, although old but it has often evolved and took different forms and methods, and the outcome is the criterion of judging the usefulness and usefulness.

World Wide Web and the means of social communication, often one their email address opens to find hundreds of commercials that shopping for different products, but the commercials have invaded sites across the Internet so many programming companies thought about creating tools to prevent, and social networking such as Facebook and Twitter networks are a modern way to publish ads as many people who want to market their own pages offering their services or products supported by images and information creates, and this method of marketing Learn Build Earn Review are quick and useful ways and See much costly but have had a number of defects and disadvantages, including the difficulty of making sure the fact that the Declaration expressed truthfully about the product and its benefits.

Video ads on TV or radio ads This method, although somewhat old, has evolved into new and innovative forms of how the TV commercial is presented.

Cellphone advertising Smartphones have spread widely among people and have had a big share in the campaigns of different companies to market and sell their products, such as telecom companies that send a lot of daily messages about their products and services.

Learn Build Earn
Learn Build Earn

Importance of e-marketing

In light of the great scientific progress, commercial and industrial operations have achieved other meanings and unconventional methods of implementation. This has improved the performance of traders, industrialists, professionals and service workers, so that they can reach customers in faster and more efficient ways, The needs of the largest segment of people, through the exploitation of all modern methods of non-traditional.

Marketing is defined as the process of discovering the wishes of customers and customers, and developing a number of services and products to achieve the wishes and conditions of customers, while not forgetting part of the sale; the process of marketing is sometimes called art of sale. E-marketing recognizes that all methods and methods of marketing through the Internet, e-marketing is part of the process of e-commerce.

 In recent years, e-marketing has emerged as a popular term that exploits modern technological capabilities and capabilities to increase profits by increasing sales and reaching the largest number of customers. The Internet has become a means of connecting people from all regions of the world. The proliferation of e-commerce sites is large, reliable and high security, sometimes e-commerce sites are better than traditional stores, because they contain goods that are less expensive and more distinctive than the goods in the stores Thus, the importance of e-marketing has increased to become as follows:

To provide appropriate communication with customers, and to establish a good relationship with them through continuous interaction, and this is clearly demonstrated by the adoption of commercial companies on social networking sites in the marketing process.

Offers many of the high costs that traditional marketing methods need. TV ads, street ads and radio ads are all very expensive.

Gives the ability to conduct various surveys, get feedback easily and without having to pay high costs for it.

He was able to create new jobs for people who wanted to start their own businesses but did not have the money to do so

E-marketing methods differ among companies. Advertising is promoted through websites, business sites, social networking pages, e-mail, websites, video sites, blogs and more. This huge diversity of e-marketing has at times made it unbearable; for every page a web user takes a visitor to, they immediately find a commercial for a company; the subject of e-advertising has gone so far as to intrude on privacy.

Learn Build Earn

The Infinity Code Top 10 websites to buy online

The Infinity Code Top 10 websites to buy online Do you want to have the latest models and fashion trends, but do not have enough time to shop? You may be busy studying or working, or you have difficulty taking your children to the market. The password to solve that dilemma is “e-shopping”.

The Internet has left you no room to neglect anything. You can achieve everything you want in your home. Online shopping is fast and very convenient. You can also get amazing offers that you will never expect to receive, even the clothes you are tired of searching for. In stores you will find them on those sites easily and without fatigue.

You only need time to move between online shopping sites to choose the right item, along with a credit card or bank account to pay for, so some sites offer a pay-on-delivery service, and your clothes bring you to your home, so you have no argument!

The Infinity Code
The Infinity Code

Here are some of the international websites that offer shopping opportunities:

Amazon is the world’s most popular shopping site, where you can buy all your brands and brands, not just clothing, accessories and cosmetics. The site also gives you guarantees to secure the right of the buyer in the event of a fake product or not. You can recover your money in full.


Modanisa has a website and has an application that can be downloaded on the phone easily. This site features clothes at different prices and many international and Turkish brands. When you download the application on the phone, you can easily change the language. It has many languages, including Arabic. Available in different languages.

You can buy dresses, gowns, shoes, coats, and various types of hijab, as well as sections for buying sportswear and swimwear. Even evening dresses and parties can be purchased through it.

The site is characterized by large discounts every period because it displays a variety of brands – and has a special section of the site – You can also choose the classification of the presentation by price or measurement, color and style, and the full details are available for each size, the length of the size and weight, size, chest and waist to be exact size And convenient, as well as express delivery service.


The site has a variety of veiled costumes and dresses for different occasions. It also has a great selection of pregnant and swimwear. The site can be converted into 3 languages ​​including English, while you have the option to pay in Euro, US Dollar or Turkish Lira.

The site displays the design in the available colors and sizes available, and can verify the accuracy of the measurement with the detailed information that is included around it and multiple images.

There are several sites for Turkish brands that also have the same advantages, including Alvina and Nurtuba, and you like designs of sites such as The Infinity Code but you will probably need to use a Turkish translation site in some details of the purchase.


This site also contains a distinctive variety of clothes and dresses, as well as different types of veils in different colors, and a variety of accessories, and the site design one of several images of all directions to ensure the suitability to your taste, in addition to the ease of use by changing the language into Arabic.

5. Vogacloset

Is a very popular British shopping site with a wide range of women’s clothing, men’s and men’s clothing sections, and a variety of world-famous brands.

The site has a navigation feature in Arabic. It also ships to a large number of Arab countries via Aramex at a fixed shipping cost. Payment can be made by credit card or bank. There is a payment option upon receipt available to the GCC countries.

The order can be replaced free of charge within 5 days of arrival, in addition to easy payment in local currency, where the price is available in currencies such as the Egyptian pound, Saudi riyals, Qataris, Kuwaiti dinars, Jordanians and Iraqis.

There are also Arab sites and applications to buy online, if you are concerned about the distance or language barrier of some sites, here we offer you a group of Arab shopping sites you can acquire brands through them:

6. Aliexpress

Is a site specializing in the sale of women’s and men’s clothing and children’s clothing, and you can purchase the cosmetics and accessories, and the delivery of orders in the period of 7 – 10 days, and is available for free replacement and retrieval within a period of one month, and you can pay on receipt or through a bank or The Internet.


This site is one of the largest fashion shopping sites in the Arab world, and its products are available at low prices. The site offers free shipping for orders that exceed 150 riyals. Between one to three days.

8- Shein

The site is one of the leading Arab fashion websites. It sells high quality clothing and accessories. The shipment is shipped within a period of one to ten days at most. Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.

9. Sivvi

A shopping mall that specializes in selling original costumes and accessories. The website can be purchased in Arabic or English. The website offers shipping service between 3 – 7 days, with the possibility of replacement within 14 days from the date of receipt. , American Express, or Maestro.


Is a specialized fashion store for the Gulf States. It is located in the UAE and includes women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, as well as sports clothing, accessories and perfumes.

The site can be browsed in Arabic or English and offers free fast shipping within two days to the UAE and Lebanon. It is also easy to replace the product for free within 14 days.