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Golden tips for successful and effective Twitter marketing

Golden tips for successful and effective Twitter marketing

If you do not use Twitter to connect with customers and marketing, you should review the topic. Twitter on the famous social networking site is a powerful force in the business world.
Here we will give you some tips to master the art of Twitter marketing according to the Entrepreneur website:
1 – Twitter is not limited to just the titles and links:
We may not have enough time to write, but that does not mean that we are limited to writing the title or link, but we have to write a small paragraph to indicate the goal, or help to thrill the news.
2 – mastering the use of expressive symbol @:
Using @ is one of the highlights of Twitter. Where the placement of @ makes a big difference in meaning and the Digital Cash Academy way to get reactions.

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3 – Know and love your tag:
The idea is to use a suitable, meaningful and meaningful Hashtag to help people search for a topic rather than just a series of words.
4 – Quality and not Quantity:
To ensure that you get the most followers you have to pay attention to the quality of the topics, not the number.
5 – Be patient:
The process of getting a number of followers does not come easily so you have to be patient, follow prominent people and re-Twitter and mentioned the content of high value.
6. To be effective:
Being an active member of Twitter is one of the most important things to ensure your survival. By staying alert to what others are twittering, re-twittering and responding to Twitter.
7. Avoid access to a dark area:
You should pay attention to times when people are more likely to be on Twitter. They are often from 8 am to 8 pm.
It’s crazy to post tweets, for example, at 4 am The overwhelming majority of your audience is not logged in, so your tweets will not have a large number of impressions and reasonable interactions.
It is necessary to publish at peak times and to offer a reasonable number of tweets and not a flood of which monitors can not monitor all and interact with them.
8. Monitor Twitter data intelligently:
You can use Twitter to evaluate your brand and learn about its strengths and weaknesses and where it’s most popular.
9. Be effective with photos and videos:
Using words and links is a good thing, but be sure to add images and videos to your Tweets that give the most followers.
10 – Use the crowfire application
The application of crowfire of the most important and best applications on mobile to manage your account on Twitter and Instagram, it helps you to increase your followers daily by 100 real observers daily and also helps you to know the true followers and those who follow you and those who do not follow it and can work white lists and black The most important advantages are the work of a message Automatic response to each new follower for you

11. Provide additional value to followers.
There are a lot of Twitter accounts in your domain that publish almost the same content and provide valuable tweets for followers.
You are required to be unique in your style and to submit a variety of tweets in terms of content, whether it is textual or written, accompanied by a link to your Digital Cash Academy Review site or written in full.
12. Take advantage of events for your brand.
I remember that last year when iPhone 6 Plus was released and was suffering from a bending flaw, it caused a great deal of fuss about technology sites and the web in general, which companies cleverly exploited on social networks.
Kate Kat was one of the companies that took advantage of this event by posting her famous adage that her product does not bend but break!
The twinkle as we note it is integrated with 2 Hachtagat then was very follow-up and related to the event.
13. Interact with followers as quickly as possible.
The signals coming from followers’ accounts to ask a specific question or talk about your organization require you to make an urgent and resolute decision.
Inquiries in this case must be answered clearly and in short and it is good to add it to the Favorites, this pleased followers.
Of course, you have to respond to queries and comments that are cleverly provocative and away from violent retaliation or even ignoring.
14. Configure your account to show your Tweets in search results.
Profile picture and a detailed profile with the website link and provide the rest of the required information that will show your personal account as genuine and credible.
For the Twitter algorithm, tweets that are published from trusted accounts and those that have a long, well-configured history appear more than those that are published on fake or uninitial accounts.
We now offer you steps to ensure successful marketing for your Twitter account:
For the first step: start-up phase
1 – Choose a special name for your company account on Twitter, taking into account the ease of the name and clarity
2 – Choose a good format for your company profile on Twitter with a good selection of pictures and colors in line with the colors of the company.
3 – Write a short and clear brief about the company with no more than 160 characters.
Step 2: Build a special environment in the company’s domain on Twitter
4 – Search for customers and follow them and communicate with them.
5. Start publishing topics.
6 – Pay attention to follow up those who follow your company account on Twitter
7 – Publish your company account on other social media channels such as “Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Website”.
8. Create lists in your company’s Twitter account.
Step Three: Increase the interaction phase of your company’s Twitter account
9. Set fixed times to post topics on your company’s Twitter account.
10 – the effective and effective use of the crown of the crown “Hashtag”.
11. Keep your Twitter clear and small.
12. Optimal use of images.
13 – Publish multiple tweets and many during the day.
14- Organize your twitter schedules by calculating your Digital Cash Academy company on Twitter by using its tool like “Tweetdeck”.
15 – the stage of measuring the success of steps of all of the above using tools such as “Ritetag, Buffer.”
Step Four: Promote business to your company account on Twitter
16. Build a community around your trade name.
17- Convert a large percentage of your personal Tweets into Twitter.
18 – Make the content easy and simple and clear for easy circulation among your followers.
19 – Create competitions on your company account on Twitter, which increases the interaction of your followers and increase their number.
20- Be the best in your customer service.

 In addition to the above, make sure to shorten the links you publish to your account and keep away from annoying those who post the same tweets around the clock.

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